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Dear Management Team,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. My name is Chris Rice, and I have been an avid user of both and the Hive blockchain.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for the services provided by It has revolutionized how we conduct financial transactions and brought countless benefits to its vast user base.

Having observed the trends in the cryptocurrency space, I believe there is a compelling opportunity for to expand its offerings further and potentially increase its user engagement by integrating HIVE into its platform.

As the founder of one of the DApps built on Hive, the D.Buzz microblogging platform, I can represent the Hive community because Hive is a decentralized ecosystem, and there's no CEO to represent the entire blockchain.

Reasons for Integrating $HIVE with

Rapid Growth & User Base: Hive has exhibited impressive growth, with a dedicated and growing community since its inception.

This presents a vast pool of potential new users for

Speed & Efficiency: Hive boasts fast transaction times (3 seconds) with no fees, which can significantly benefit users looking for quick and efficient transactions.

Decentralized Applications & Ecosystem: Hive's thriving ecosystem of dApps (Decentralized Applications) covers various sectors, from social media platforms to online games. By integrating Hive, can tap into this rich ecosystem.

Economic Benefits: Hive's user-driven rewards system could present a new and innovative model for to explore, possibly opening new streams of revenue and user engagement strategies.

Enhanced Reputation: Being at the forefront of integrating emerging technologies will reinforce's position as a pioneering and forward-thinking platform in the cryptocurrency space.

The integration of Hive can be mutually beneficial. While can offer its services to a broader audience, Hive users will gain a reliable and well-established platform for their transactions.

To this end, I would be thrilled to see a collaboration between and Hive. I understand that such integrations demand time, resources, and careful consideration. However, I genuinely believe that this partnership has the potential to be monumental for both ecosystems and their respective communities.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I am more than willing to provide further insights or engage in a more in-depth discussion about this potential integration. I am also interested in providing you with the current market cap of Hive, price, volume, supply data, and other related metrics.

Warm Regards,

Chris Rice
DBuzz Founder and Hive user


Hoping for support and positive response on this request. Ths will attract even mor users for easier access to thier funds

The Pinoy Hive community support this.❤️

Good work. Any response yet @chrisrice?

@pjentrepreneur talked to them in person and their team is interested in meeting me.

I plan on visiting in December 2023.

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