You Will Love This Chart

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You Will Love This Chart

I made this graph for myself, but it’s very interesting and useful, so I’ll share it quickly. On March 23, global stock markets had so far bottomed out in the coronavirus collapse. At that time, stock indices were at their lowest level so far. The cryptocurrencies saw the bottom of the pit on March 12 this year. Shortly before March 23, the Hive blockchain and cryptocurrency were born, which has reached a spectacular rise these days.

cryptocurrencies fromMarch23.jpg

I can’t write clever things about why Hive has surged. For many people it may be obvious. I can see the development activity skyrocketing, the coin appearing on the stock exchanges, partnership, and enthusiastic community cheering for it. I sincerely hope it won’t just be temporary, as I have thousands of dollars in Hive coin.

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I still have some orders left at around 0.1 ;)
If they don't fill I will end up hodling BTC instead

Is there a chance of an Ethereum hype? Ethereum 2.0? Or Bitcoin halving hype? Or these events are priced in already?

My guess is that BTC halving is very baked in but ETH 2.0 isn't.
BTC mining rewards have been talked about quite a lot for over 6 months.
PoS Ethereum has not that much press, the launch is on a side chain and most crypto enthusiasts might not understand why this step could be important for Ethereum.

A strong altcoin rally would be nice.

Hey, I recently started a witness for Hive: @blue-witness.
I would be happy if you voted for it - in case you have votes left ;)

I found a lost vote and voted you. 😇

Much appreciated 😃👍

I hope it isnt temporary either @deathcross.

Unfortunately for that perspective, markets rarely go in one direction like this for long.

My guess is we are seeing a pump due to the Huobi airdrop.

However, even if that is the case, it gets Hive a ton of publicity.

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indeed, I'm lovin it :))

That's the best chart I've ever seen since Covid-19 pandemic lock us inside our home. We all know this is temporary but hoping it will hodl.