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Time for another update already?

We're nearing the end of October and like usual I've been a little too busy to write out what I've been up to. I know I'm going to miss some things so feel free to ask some questions.

github activity


Hardfork 26 came and the talk among the witnesses has been the scheduler bug that is requiring us to have a new Hardfork Tomorrow. I've been blessed by a larger than normal share of blocks, missing zero. I have my signing witness up to date for HF27 and my API witness is doing a little replay.

API Witness?!

That's right! While it won't have the full HAF/HiveMind suite of API it should be a nice place to point Honeycomb Services to. Taking what is currently around 100 getBlock requests off the APIs and lightening their loads. Hopefully you'll find this up and running at hive-api.dlux.io with the above stated limitations.


I've been building a little proxy server that will allow access to services if a header is appropriately signed by hive keys. This should allow some future improvements to dlux and spk networks...


dlux has had a major upgrade thanks to a lot of work from @markegiles. We've got rid of all our legacy php code and are running a 100% client side render vue stack now. While some features are still offline most DLUX network interactions should be availible. NFTs, DEX, etc.

The only thing that's missing is dApp submission. Which is being worked on with the above trole proxy and our new...

IPFS Gateway

We're completely off AWS and have a brand new IPFS gateway up. We've switched to a cloudflare DNS provider for a bit of DDoS protection and the cloudflare APIs allow us to automate our dApp SSL security. Our wildcard subdomains ensure the average user of our site won't have cross scripting attacks via dApps. Further security improvements are planned as we roll out our uploader. Stay tuned!

DLUX Token

Our token software has been testing new processes to ensure uptime and patch some inconsistencies. It's more secure than ever. We worked with @mahdiyari to allow us to verify transaction signatures with out asking the Hive-APIs which allows us to build multi-signature transactions in a timely fashion and bringing further security to the multi-sig wallet and along with the stability improvements that brings toward our consensus and healing algorithms.

SPK Network

SPK network is due for it's 1.2 upgrade shortly which will allow people to register services. It also has all the improvements of the DLUX Token. Proof of Access is sailing along at this point. I have all the infrastructure set up at this point to begin testing. I've written contracts for the reconciliation of offline contracts which will let users upload files/videos, ensure they've uploaded the right files, sign the steps off line, and have payments made when appropriate. All in real time. Of course we'll need to do a deep dive into that system so the community can probe it's operation and safety...

Proposal 234

You've all approved about 15,500,000 HP of votes toward a modest development fund which is about half way to being funded. I'm sure we'll make it eventually and I'd appreciate your help. Witness votes are also highly appreciated.


I'm still a total newbie, so I only loosely understand this... but it seems like honeycomb is a great project. I read over the proposal and it seems like its one of many things that will make Hive very relevant as the world opens its eyes to the need for web3! Thanks for the awesome work, supported and learned something new :)

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And what about VR? It seems to me that it has not been working for several months.

the dApps work... it's the upload that needs to be retooled.

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Good job!!!

Well I think this project works like the others. By the way good job to you all

Great evolve, I know i am not used to in it because i am still a baby in these platform but i will be part of this program, I also know my proposal entry is crucial.

So the HF26 was a mistake? that is the reason why Binance deposits have not been enabled?

Binance deposits have been offline longer and far more often than we have hardforks.

I've been here since 2018, but don't understand what any of that means. Glad to be part of this community though.

Nice updates, Im still eyeing some of those NFTs!