Shutting Down Steem Witness Node. Switching to Hive-only Mode

in #hive3 years ago


Hey. After the full recovery of my nodes, I've decided to shut down my Steem witness node and keep the Hive node only.

Even though I haven't spent as much time on Steem as others, this is not an easy decision to make. I put over a year of my time building cool products that Steemians enjoy using but sometimes moral principles are bigger than just sticking to name. Lying, centralization, and censorship are not aligned with my core beliefs and values, so I have to move on.

I know that people behind the Hive are the best of the best out there. I haven't really seen anything like that in my life to be completely honest. Thus, I will do my best to create new and improve existing apps to make this a big win.

If you want to support my work (Hive DAO, Hive Apps DB), please consider voting for @dmitrydao witness using PeakD or Hive Signer

Stay safe and Hive on.