HIVE Gets Featured On Bittrex For Highest Gain And Volume

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Screen Shot 20200426 at 11.44.55 AM.png

As you can see from the screenshot above, HIVE is the main feature on the Bittrex exchange home page, both on highest gain and highest volume. Seeing this token performing around 60 cents is something that I wouldn't expect to happen so soon, to be honest.

There are many potential causes for this, and I'm sure it's not just one, it's probably a combination. Here are my thoughts:

  • big amounts have been transferred to Bittrex in the last week, improving drastically the trading volume. This, in turn, may have triggered some automatic trading based on the perceived performance of the asset.

  • the fact that the "ninja stake" has been removed may have had a supply and demand effect that created a "positive price imbalance", because there is less supply, the demand may have increased

  • HIVE really got a positive sentiment and investors are starting to buy in

Whatever the reasons are for this (unexpected, but much appreciated) bull run, I will say what I always say when this happens: let's enjoy it responsibly, while it lasts.

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I couldn't stand producing this animation but as the price keeps moving up it is already outdated!

That's actually super cool!

this pump has a December 2017 vibe to it :) hope it has a more stable effect

Yeah, let's wait and see.

Huobi airdrop :) seems it was enough to get attention from some pump&dump groups :)

Yeap, that too.

I'm super ecstatic.
I pray it doesn't dump

I'm happy too, but I try to stay realistic. A correction will come.

crazy days

Houbi could be the reason number 4 :)

What to do now? Sell liquid Hive before the price settles at some lower value? Or hold in hope that the rise will continue?

I won't be powering down Hive, that's for sure.

6x gains in 3 days ...who says crypto are not wild.

Do you see any correction in near future???

Of course, a correction will come, the 1000 points question is how low the correction will go...

What a day !

Agree, it's > 70 cents at the moment of writing :)

Hive now gets the opportunity to move and launching pad of rocket to going moon, just sixty plus cents increasing in four days! Still coming the thrilled!

hey, what's the best site now for changing hive delegation? thanks again