HIVE Ranked #31 On CoinGecko, Ahead Of Basic Attention Token, Enjin Or Decred

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Following the recent bull run - driven mainly by the recent HIVE listing on Huobi, as some of my followers observed in my previous post - HIVE climbed to an astonishing 31th position in the global crypto chart on CoinGecko.

Screen Shot 20200426 at 9.13.55 PM.png

This spot is well ahead of other, more established tokens, like BAT (Basic Attention Token), Enjin (well known in the gaming industry) or Decred, to name just a few.

This reminds that, at some point, in 2016, if I'm not mistaken, STEEM (the blockchain from which HIVE forked) was briefly the number 3 cryptocurrency in the world, with only Bitcoin and Ethereum ahead of it.

I know that, right now, wanting to be in that spot again may sound utterly crazy and unrealistic. But one can only hope, right?

Of course, it can also go in the other direction, sinking somewhere in the bottom of the top 100, along with STEEM, which is now sitting on 74.

(I'm not saying that I want this, but being prepared for anything and everything proved to be a much healthier approach than having unrealistic expectations, rooted only in hope and nothing else. Hard work, strong ethics and consistency beat hope anytime.)

There is an ongoing funding proposal for two of my Hive-related projects, which will allow me to support some of the costs involved. If you want to support this proposal, all you have to do is to vote it using any of the two links below:

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I know the feeling. That's why I created, an easy to use and accurate tool for calculating your HIVE rewards

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agree with @toofasteddie, especially because it's has been two long years since the last good times

couldn't find it before so thx for the update

In the meantime, let's enjoy the good times

Steem was such a hard breaker. I hope that the history doesn't repeat itself and the mistakes made on steem didn't get repeated.

Steem dreaming us a lot of but can't hold its passion with its user and investor, hive is try to another way to establish a good crypto environment and lets see what next...

  • Steem 74
  • Hive 31

Well, just a few weeks after forking off, I don't mind not it being at 3rd world place ;)