Smiling On A Gloomy Day

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As I was getting ready for today’s article – for those of you not knowing, I’m on a 365 days writing challenge – I had a quick look at the latest posts. And I instantly got depressed. It looks like all I’m doing is getting frustrated at the worryingly increasing levels of authoritarianism – along with the accompanying generalized stupidity – that are plaguing our current times. Almost all my posts are about how difficult it is to navigate the meaningless restrictions imposed all around the globe and about the lack of critical spirit and the prevailing brain washing that is affecting even people that I was respecting until not long ago.

But this is not, in any way, painting an accurate picture of my life. It’s true, the rapid decay of our civilization, triggered by a cluster of causes and conditions (of which the current pandemic is just one, beware), is saddening.

But the mere fact that I am able to observe this decay is, in and by itself, a sign of progress (and I would dare to say it’s also a sign of relatively good mental health). I’m not too sure about how things are now, although I have a few opinions, and I’m not imposing my views on anyone else – as opposed to the current trend. But I can make informed decisions and I can navigate my way around these fragile times.

It may seem that I’m succumbing to constant complaining, to angry opinions – which will be just the exact behavior of those brainwashed into believing everything they’re told – and, indeed, by reading the latest articles it’s very easy to get that impression.

I’m writing this today to counterbalance this impression. Because it’s not even remotely like that. Although there is a gloomy day around the world, I’m actually smiling. I have been moving around for the last 2 weeks, trying to find a new place to live, and, so far so good. It wasn’t easy, I had my fair share of obstacles that I had to overcome in order to move around, but, at least so far, it’s going ok. I’m experiencing new sights, new types of food, new interactions almost every day. I’m getting a ton of work done and I’m laying foundation for further experiences.

But I do not write about that, almost at all. And as I was looking back at the tone of the latest articles, I noticed a little bit of shyness, almost like I wasn’t allowed to be happy. How can I be happy, while everybody around me seems not to be?

Well, fuck that. I’m ok. As a matter of fact, I’m more than ok, and I’m not even remotely ashamed about that.

Being happy is not about following trends or picking sides. It’s about getting the best you can, while inflicting the least damage you can (to yourself and to others). It’s about finding reasons to be happy even in the darkest hours, and about not indulging in the addiction of anger, or righteousness.

Yes, it might be a gloomy day around the world, but it’s my choice to smile, even on a gloomy day. Whether you like this or not.

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Hey, @dragosroua.

Thanks for this. My guess is, many of us are feeling the same way. I know I am. Seems like whenever they do a survey during an significant economic downturn or after some tragedy, many people will say they're okay but that they believe that those around them are not. Which could lead to walking around on eggshells when talking to someone or not showing how happy one is in deference to how others are feeling.

The fact is, however, there's a lot going on, as you mentinon, and that, beyond our current state, is extremely worrying for anyone who believes in some form of individual sovereignty. We might be okay now, so we shouldn't hide that, but there's more to come and at some point, push back on.

neoliberalism brinks the world into individuals and nation states. we'll never be right until we get rid of these models, get rid of colonialism and racism, and get educated. it's an enormous task, but sometimes paradigms shift rapidly. a change in perspective means everything

but yes, i get the glooms sometimes too