Stealing From A Thief - The Robin Hood Of A Publicly Announced Heist Pwns Justin Sun

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I wrote yesterday about a scheduled hardfork of Steem, which included "seizing the funds" of 64 accounts (in other words, stealing the tokens from those accounts). In that post, I also warned about what I thought it would be a "cold and frightening day" for the crypto world.

Luckily, it was the quite the opposite.

Let me explain.

The hardfork went through, in the sense that the witnesses adopted the new version of the Steem code. That version included the "seizing" too, which sent the tokens to an account called @community321. So, for a few good minutes, everything seemed to confirm that "doom and gloom": tokens were now in a different account, Twitter was full with angry people talking about how they've been robbed in plain sight, etc.

But then, surprise.

The @community321 account, the one holding the entire bounty, sent ALL the tokens to an exchange, namely @bittrex. And then it became obvious that the keys for that account were changed and, basically, the heist was hijacked.

Somebody stole from the thief.

Sending the tokens to an exchange was the only way to protect them, as it is quite difficult for anyone to steal from an exchange - or even claim the tokens, on the assumption that their account was "hacked".

Here's the transactions between the "Robin Hood", Bittrex and Justin Sun:

Screen Shot 20200520 at 7.48.22 PM.png

As far as I understand, the message in Korean sent by "Robin Hood" to Justin just after the transfer means "Stealing is bad".

As expected, once people realized what happened, the guy behind the @community321 move was praised for his exploit:

Screen Shot 20200520 at 7.48.35 PM.png

As far as I know, the intention is to return the tokens - in some form - to the original holders.

At the moment of writing, I have no idea who that guy might be. But I'd like to get to know him / her some day.

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He's a carpenter. AFAIK, not a Jewish carpenter though.

this is all nuts

Pretty cool heist and another proof that Steem is going down for good and there is no motive for anyone to loose his time there. The Hive welcomes all those that want to be part of a community and build great things together.

This is just so funny. Steemit are incompetent. They used a service to get the account and didn't change the keys from what I heard. Or maybe it was an inside job. I bet there's some shouting going on over there. I just hope people get their Steem back, even Bernie. I expect they will sell it.

Yeah, the mother of all dumps is upon us, I reckon. Still incredibly funny, anyways.


Absolutely, totally, fabulously epic!

I'm stuck of words

Interesting developments!

Whoever controls community321 on the steem chain is now posting.

May be its epic history for crypto blockchain, and warning too!