Sunsetting My Witness Node

in #hive3 months ago

I ran a witness node on the Steem / Hive ecosystem for more than 5 years. During this time I had just a couple of hiatuses, none of them longer than 2 months.

It's been a bumpy ride, to say the least, but an incredible learning experience. I met super cool people, I participated in community events, I initiated and implemented many 30 days writing challenges. All in all, it was fun.

But there comes a time in the life of everyone when he recognizes the need to leave space for others. There's a new generation of witnesses coming up to Hive, many of them with powerful ecosystems of applications. They deserve to be ranked higher.

In all honesty, my witness node wasn't very high ranked and it was more of a sentimental activity for me. But I realized this activity is better done by other people. Also, blocking an entire server for that, making sure it's secure (which is a continuous challenge) maintaining it, all this can be done by better prepared people.

So, if you voted for my witness, I encourage you to withdraw the vote and give it to other people, as my witness will stop producing blocks soon.

I won't leave Hive, I will be around, even if I'm not posting as much as I used to.


Thank you for the services provided all these years.
I don't believe running a witness node is a matter of being done by "better people", just contributing to network resilience with more block producers.
That being said, I perfectly understand the counterpoint of the necessary costs and efforts.

Glad to read you will stay around.

Thanks for the nice words, appreciated. I'm not going anywhere ;)

BTW, you should disable your witness to prevent it from being scheduled and getting missed blocks on the chain.

Thanks for the heads up, done.

Man! I'm still consulting, it was an amazing and simple tool.
Hope you remain with us and I understand your decision.

I'll still be around, no worries. Thanks for using my tool :)

Ah, that's sad news! I hope my last comment regarding your node wasn't the cause for this :D

Is then also ending? I still use it from time to time!

No worries, it wasn't that. I just need to leave space for other people. might still be around for a while, though. I could also make it open source, so other people can fork it and install it on their own machines. I'm thinking about that.

I could also make it open source, so other people can fork it and install it on their own machines.

Not sure what the tech is behind this, but I would be interested to play with it locally if you ever do make it available.

I’d better check my witness votes. Last time I did that was November!

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem/Hive Community.

Thanks, appreciated!

There is always a right time to step away. Many hold on too long and something they love becomes something they resent. See you around Hive.
I joined Steemit in March 2017. One of your 30 day writing challenges was the thing that got me engaged and started some of my lasting friendships here. I too haven't been continously engaged for 5 years but have enjoyed the ride.

Thanks, mate, appreciated!

Thanks for being a witness. We need people who will take on that job and so it was appreciated. I think I voted for you, so I will update that.


it's the end of an era I guess. Sad I didn't see runcoin get implemented

Someone else may do it better, I guess :)

Thank you for running a witness node for so long and now for being transparent that you will shut it down. I just removed my vote now =) Thanks again.

Thanks for efforts as a witness and for the headsup that you are standing down. It's been a while since I checked my witness votes so this is a timely reminder to revisit them.

Thanks, appreciate the nice words!

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