This Weekend's Football Game Markets

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We're off to a great start and we've already had several oracles join the project. We're actively listening to feedback from the community in regards to topics ranging from the market creation burn fee to ideas for new markets. If you want to engage with some of the community leaders and other users in real time, feel free to join the community Discord server. All of that said, let's get to the fun stuff and look at some markets for this weekend's massively popular annual football game.

The big (and most obvious) market is predicting the outcome of the game:

There's also a couple more fun markets related to the event:

There's other markets related to crypto price speculation and even a market for predicting the @splinterlands market cap size. We invite you to come join us in building HIVE the best blockchain prediction market and to get involved with the community. If you've made a market that we didn't mention, feel free to drop it in the comments!


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I put some up on the Super Bowl go Dublup!

I wish I had on the other’s but getting used to things . Looking good !

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