Proposal: Ecency development and maintenance

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Project description

This year 2020 was a great year in our ecosystem, out of many challenges, we learned a lot and community united more than ever. With Ecency rebrand, we started developing completely new website and desktop application. Combined with our mobile application, we believe we can onboard the masses. Our vision is to find perfect balance between these growing industries/aspects of blockchain, Social + Tokens + Marketplace.

We are really excited about future of Ecency and how far we came. Ecency website is built with cutting edge technology, the fastest frontend on Hive. Ecency mobile application is feature full, complete mobile experience to onboard masses. Ecency desktop is the only functional, maintained, secure desktop application on Hive. Services like dedicated imagehoster instance and custom unified push notifications for website, desktop and mobile apps makes Ecency stand out and future proof, scalable and all of that is opensource. 🚀


As of right now, our team maintains and continue to develop following services, most opensource.

Some of these might be too technical but rest assured all of them play an integral part in our ecosystem's success. We believe services contribute to opensource and decentralized nature of our communities.

Do you think Ecency brings value to Hive?

With this proposal we aim to cover a lot of the features on our roadmap as well as help us support open infrastructure to scale and offer unique, niche products and features. Please support Ecency in our mission to create opensource, decentralized, thriving, innovative softwares!

Explanation of proposal costs

Most of these funds will be used to develop new features and cover server costs. Plus Witness earnings from @good-karma which is already dedicated to this mission, additional funds will certainly help bring back couple of our mobile developers and more actively push our mobile onboarding efforts. Move and add missing features to Ecency website. Improve gamification via Pointing system that converts to Tokens, explore avenues of innovation on community points system. Integrate existing Hive services, Trollbox or Group community based chatting system and more.


Fastest, secure, feature-full and opensource website frontend, mobile application and desktop interface. Dedicated infrastructure to not put load on other service providers.
Image hosting instance that can serve you even oldest images from years ago. Try it our on and you will know what we mean, open any post older than 2-3 years and see if images load for you. Dedicated RPC server to handle traffic on Ecency apps and services.
And of course unique user experience and simple, quick signup that helps onboarding new people into blockchain social, blockchain tokens, trading, blockchain discovery and blockchain communities world.



Daily: 350 HBD
Monthly: 10500 HBD

Labor (Development+Management): ~160x2 hours per month, 9600 HBD
Recurring costs (Servers): ~$2000, ~2000 HBD

We have 4 developers and 1 designer/illustrator and getting all of them full time is not reasonable ask, so we are load balancing it with 2 full time person. But 4 devs will be working, 3 person mobile, 2 person (web+desktop), 2 person backend, plus 2 person designer/illustrator, all interconnected because some of us bring multiple skillset to the team.

State of DHF

  • As of right now there is around ~625000 HBD available for proposals
  • Daily possible funding on Decentralized Hive Fund is ~6250 HBD
  • We are asking Daily 350 HBD

We understand that during the duration of our proposal we may get partial funding sometimes, no funding sometimes. But it won't stop us from developing and delivering. We hope you see value Ecency brings to Hive and support us in common vision and goal!

Thank you!

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Now, this is a proposal worthy of getting funded!

Thank you for your support! Updated post with your suggestions!

Going to vote for the proposal and make sure I am voting for @good-karma as a witness

Thank you! 🙇

Full support 👍. I would also love to see the video uploads and this would complete Ecency as a standalone ecosystem.

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We are thinking about it, would require bit modification on imagehoster and it could be named as mediahoster and handle video uploads as well 😊 What we had in mind is small sized short videos from mobile app only, for bigger vlogs usually 3speak and dtube does better job. Appreciate the support and comment! 🙏

Right, we are already allowing up to 15 mb image uploads and upto 1 minute videos are also around 15 mb in size depending on quality of course, but possible to compress.

No, unfortunately we still need to work on video embedding and some other compressions to make it work flawlessly. But what I meant was, it is quite reasonable to add short format videos.

You do a lot for Hive ... supported!

Thank you! 🙏

done sir, really love your all the work for the community

Thank you for your support! 🚀

You guys have been doing a lot for this blockchain. Totally supportive of this. But yeah, pushing the bar here, we wanna see more. Competition is starting to push...

We will bring more, steady innovation and make sure we invest for features that brings value most to users. Of course make sure that feature is long term, stable and improve user experience.

voted for the proposal sir, always be with you after you the owner here😬🙏

Thank you @bhattg! 🙌 🙏

Approved, keep the good work on!

Thank you! 🙌

I love Ecency 😋👌👌 I'm very happy how it helps me and lot other users in Hive. blog

Thank you, we appreciate the support as always! 🙇 Keep up the good work! 📸

Well, I believe Ecency adds value to our ecosystem, too 👊🏽
When will benefactory option be available while posting ?👀

On mobile app, it is already possible. Next week, we are adding that into website and desktop app.

Great news! Thanks dear ^^

Can we get typescript type def for hivesigner?

We are considering rewrite of hivesigner with typescript but that's bit larger project, might take few month to get everything done while keeping backward compatibility. We will see perhaps meanwhile, we can get typescript type def.

Supported. Thanks for your work.

We appreciate the support! 🙇

I upvoted your post, but I am very reluctant to vote for your proposal. You are running a business service - like you earn or should earn of it. You want community to support your development (ergo you will earn more). I know you provide additional value, but... (edited as I was wrong)

Proposal is for 1 year and maximum of ~$126.000, that's if proposal stays above the threshold. It is natural to fall down and up as some people see value Ecency brings to Hive, some don't. We are creating services and entire ecosystem of software suits to help us scale. With help we can do more, without it we will still continue like last 4 years but you can see it had been slower, still consistent progress. With this funds we will improve not only user experience on Ecency but create tools and services that entire Hive devs community can use.

Choice is always your, it is your stake and your vote, that's the beauty of Hive. 🙏 🙌 Hive/Ecency is built, owned and operated by its users!

Sorry, my bad. I took the entire DHF funding as your proposal. Sorry for that.

No worries! 😉

@ecency : Yes, I loved and support your project! Bring it to the people.

You have my approval on this worthy proposal

@ecency & @good-karma , I want you to know that your hard work does not go unappreciated.


Thank you for your support! 🙌🙇


Thanks Felix!

Thx for the mention
Will vote

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Its the only app I have used on the go, is there a mobile app you use aside from Ecency?


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Do they have a proposal, I would definitely support some health competition and head over there to upvote that proposal. Just link!

the early participants list is full on the playstore.

Oh that's such a wonderful post for me.
I was a way for a while from the platform didn't witness the change, then I cam back and I kinda feel loat.
This post kind of a guide for me now.
Thank you for putting some puzzles in place.

you got my vote

Cheers, thank you! 🎉

Ecency always has my vote! ♥️

Thank you 🤗

Great Work guys.
We are with you. We are with Hive.
More power to hive.

Be it now or later, you're the best with the best app @good-karma

Thank you for your support! 🙌🙇

Keep up the good work guys, will support.

Supported this cutiee

Done, good luck!

Upvoted, of course, Ecency is my frontend of choice!

You are above the line, great!

Reblogged too :)

Sorry I am late.