EDS income token weekly report - 95

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Hello EDS'ers. Today is the day we issue the EDS weekly report to keep all your guys up to date and let you know how things are going.


What are EDS tokens?

EDS tokens are HIVE income tokens that pays out weekly dividends every Monday based on 12% of the total power up the balance of the @eddie-earner account. This is currently paying out an APY to token holders of over 28%.

(Example of how the HIVE income pool is worked out)

  • EDS is pegged to 1 HIVE per token
  • 12% of over 104,000 HIVE POWER pays out (104,000*12/52.18) 240 per week
  • EDS in circulation each yield (240/40,000) 0.006 HIVE per week
  • 0.006 each week for 1 year (52.18) equals 0.31 HIVE
  • 1 EDS pays out a HIVE income of roughly 31% per year

EDS tokens launched with a hardcap of 500,000 and a public sale of 20,000 tokens each issued for 1 HIVE each. There are 2 ways to mint new EDS tokens. 1 is by owning and staking either EDS miners (EDSM) are EDS mini miners (EDSMM) tokens and 2 is delegations HIVE POWER to @eds-vote. EDS Miners yield roughly 20% per year and EDS-vote yields around 4-5%.

EDS converts all earnings, airdrops, tribe tokens into HIVE. This account is 100% focused on powering up as much HIVE as possible. It's just that single-minded. This projects weekly saving club content is run by @shanibeer and wallet by @silverstackeruk both on behalf of SPinvest. This is a long term project and should be viewed as a token to stack up and HODL. Buy some miners, let them mint you some EDS tokens, build a pile and collect weekly HIVE dividends. In other words, buy some EDSM miners and forget about it. Add a few every week/month and watch your EDS pile grow. You can also buy EDS directly from the market, if you add a buy order for any amount at 1 HIVE each, it'll get filled. It might take a few days but it'll get filled as some miners like to sell their mining rewards right away to lock in them profits.


This week's numbers

Here you can see the progress of EDS from Jan 2022 to date.

WeekEds CirculatingEDS mintedHIVE POWERIncome poolEDS APY
WeekEds CirculatingEDS mintedHIVE POWERIncome poolEDS APY

Let's get a look at the charts this week


This week we minted 377.02EDS is has been consistent with what we've been minting the 7-8 weeks. Starting from next week for a few weeks, we will be minting around 400 EDS per week. This will be because eds-vote is earning more curation rewards and 50% of rewards are used to mint new EDS.

The more delegations @eds-vote receives, the more curation it earns, the more EDS tokens it mints and more HP is powered up to @eddie-earner which in turn increases the weekly HIVE income pool which helps to reduce the EDS APY decline. That was a mouth full but you can see how eds-vote directly benefits @eddie-earner and EDS token holders while distributing EDS tokens as well.


HP growth of roughly 235 this week which is good. This is equal to 11.4% growth per year and thats about double what I had projected at launch (pre-miners). I am hoping with time, the weekly hp increase will become more visible on the above chart as time passes, compounding does its thing and we end up with a...


Good things to those who plan ahead, plant seeds and be patient to let the fruit mature and be oh-so very sweet.


235 HP powered up this week equals at 12% APY, 0.54 HIVE extra income per week.

0.54 (HIVE income increase x 52.18 (weeks) / 12 (%, to get 1%) * 100 =

One of the great things about EDS is that people can easily independently audit EDS using just the numbers in the top table.


The EDS declined this week by 0.17% so it's looking like 2-3 weeks at 0.18% decline and then 1 week at 0.17% decline. As we get closer to 0.00% decline, it gets harder. You can think of it like a game and we currently have 18 levels to complete to get to 0.00%, each level gets harder, requires more growth and takes more time.

When we hit 0.00%, the EDS APY is very likely to stall for 3-6 months at whatever APY is at before the actual flip begins. When the APY starts to increase, it will be reversed to what "game" we are playing now meaning it might take a year to grow the EDS APY by 1% but the next year, it might grow 3% and the year after 6% and it'll snowball because thats the way compounding works 😉


How do you build a HIVE income that only ever increases over time?
If the EDS project sounds right up your street, there are 2 ways to get your hands on EDS tokens. Building a HIVE income is one of those things when it's better to get started sooner than later. We all put money aside for a pension/old age with the money we earn from jobs, why not do the same with blockchain earnings? If blockchain is the future, why not be playing the game of life 3 steps ahead of everyone else? There's no day like day to start increasing your income and the snowball effect is real when you have patience.

Mine them
The 1st EDS miner (EDSM) is now sold out and can be bought from the hive-engine market by clicking here

The 2nd EDS mini miner (EDSMM) is now sold out and can be bought from the hive-engine market by clicking here


Buy them
Or buy them directly from hive-engine from someone looking to sell out. You can place a buy order for 1 HIVE and just wait, it will get filled. Click HERE


Weekly Roundup

By the time I get down here, I have already written everything I have to write. I guess I can shill the token that EDS will release next month. It is a HBD backed/pegged token and it'll mint EDS to token holders. Its distribution model is basically the same as eds-vote but we'll earn currently be 20% instead of 8% and the HBD to HIVE conversion rate will factor in as well and sorta gamify it a little I guess.

If you happy with holding your own HBD, dont forget about @eds-vote were you can delegate HP to receive EDS token each weekly equal to 50% of the curation rewards earned. You will earn a lifetime of weekly HIVE income payments each Monday for as long as you hold them, the longer the better. The other 50% is powered up to @eddie-earner to increase the weekly HIVE income pool. It's doing pretty well and we currently have 135k HP being delegated which is amazing and it's awesome to see so many people supporting the project. I do not know what % of EDS holders delegate but I think it is alot cause we have savvy smart long-term-thinking investors.

Thats enough shill for 1 week, the EDS APY is 28.46%!! Nuff said!

HIVE income payments will go out this evening have a great week everyone.


@eddie-earner, its wallets and tokens are managed and backed by SPinvest


EDS Report Subscribers

@siddhartaz, @dkid14, @noctury, @stickupboys, @ericburgoyne, @shanibeer, @riandeuk



i know 😁

great stuff as always ^^
a shame we didnt start EHBD when hive was 0.25 :(
the idea is crazy good
hope it helps flatten out the apy decrease

Man, truth be told, i personally thought HIVE was going to see below 25 cent again and few weeks back when it was around 30 cents. I thought there would be another big dip before the next BTC havling but the ETF news came out, haha.

Im looking forward to it, should be fun and working with monthly interest into weekly payouts will be interesting. Plan to have automated for buying in as well. Send HBD to the account and receive the token on your HE wallet a few mins later. Cash out will be manual cause,well they have to be.

Thanks for the nice comment and for checking out the post and staying up to date.

I trust you my friend
added some more miners today
just hit 2500/yearly EDS mining power
still doesnt sound enough to retire me sadly
will have to wait a ton of years

Your minting 2500 EDS per year? Jesus, you'll end up minting 45-50k by the time they stop minting. Thats insane considering the 500k hardcap.

In 20 years, you could be getting paid 270 HIVE per week. Does not sound like alot but what price will HIVE be in 20 years? Maybe not enough to retire but deffo enough for beer money 😂🥳

yeah 🎉🎉
9100 edsmm= 1820
350 edsm= 700
a bit over 2500 💪💪
I'm your best fan out there 🤩🤩
1000 hive a month at 3$... oh boy

Hello, how can I get an upvote from eds-vote? Is it by holding tokens, delegating? Thanks.

I dont answer questions about this because I dont want to be seen as shilling upvotes so i put the details into a post to keep it all in one place. The info in toward the bottom of the post in the "round up" section


Totally understand and Agree. Thanks for the link, I'll check it. I've asked because I saw people having the same questions, about HP and Token, but none asked. When I enter a project I want to understand and in terms of apr, try to see the way to get the better return :D