HIVE game: EXODE Alpha Gameplay Footage!

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The last days were intense!

As promised, EXODE moves one step further, releasing a gameplay video taken ingame.

It has been an immense honor to code like a maniac, get everything running, and make a build to show you today!

This build shows the current status of our playable alpha.
It has just been a few days, but things are taking shape already.
As you'll see in this video!

Oh, and please turn your speakers up to enjoy this!

The video was recorded 720p, so technically the real version is better (1080p).

It shows:

  • Some of EXODE atmosphere.
  • A lot of the simulation details.
  • Also the kind of quality we build.

But it's alpha, it's early, and all will be better.
Because of the chaos on the station at the moment, it looks more Michael Bay than strategy, but all that will make more sense in the future.

It does show some gameplay basics, such as giving orders to your crew, but everything (timers, events, etc) is going hot. To "become a fun and real" game, it needs to have everything you see in the station refined.

Better information, better clarity, we'll also remove some restrictions, add a tutorial, and everything will make sense!

In this preview version, most events were accelerated (but not soldier actions) and some restrictions removed for the test. As you can see, I could launch early, but had an engine failure. I had to wait for my crew to upgrade the drive and then I could go!

Also, the "glow" you see on our ship at some point? It is our shields.

Ship status, and starfleet situation around us (you did notice we got reinforcements at some point?), will be displayed of course, and everything will be made good in the following weeks about game flow.

Also in the hot news today: playable build being released!

Early alpha testing has a target:

  • it is to begin on 26th with the EXE full client version.
  • it continues on the next days with the browser version.
  • and ends with the mobile version.

First tests will be with a fixed Navy Starter.
Then, later, it will allow your own cards into it.

On Apr 30th, mobile version will work, but please use an effective wifi!
There will be low-res versions later.

It won't be the same with Colonization. Colonization, unlike EVAC will work flawlessly even for short runs and low connectivity.

Also remember this is alpha, and this will be Day 1, problems are expected.
Maybe there will be some hot situations to fix, and some time required here or there.

But as you can see, things are taking shape very quickly!

It has been one development week; now how would that be in some weeks?
In some months?

How good and shaped EXODE will be once it will come to Steam?
Now you can imagine!

EXODE is a Space Colonization game being developed on the HIVE blockchain.

It needs a starter to play (available at 5 USD until April 30th).

The website currently accepts Hive coins, Steem coins and Paypal as payment options. If you encounter any problem or need more answers, you will be welcome on our Discord!

To know more about it, you can check numerous sources: our promo video showing all our game concepts, a website tutorial created by @blueeyes8960, our first interview with @manolchondev , or this very recent review or this in-depth interview with @toocurious .

There is also this comprehensive and honest review by @Khazrak who lated wrote his first impressions. There are many EXODE players who wrote their review, so feel free to make a search with the #exode tag and find other players articles!


I'm ready!

This looks so cool! I am following to learn more @elindos

Thanks for sharing the video, looking great!

Really impressive!
I love the graphics and detail.
How long is the cooldown if you die?
I expect to be doing that a lot!

Waw,waw,waw. Thank you, this gameplay can revolution the world of crypto games.

Just awesome!, I like the music, the animation of the hyperdrive, the mechanic of the game seems so cool that almost I can't believe it!. Love this @elindos, very good job.

This game is in another level than I expected, to be still in the presale seems so developed...all the things I could say about it are nothing compared with my impression about the game.

Nice video and good music :)
To be clear, is EVAC right? And you can fail at this? So you have to start over?

Yes @toocurious ; it's EVAC, and it's dangerous. You can fail at it. Consequence is having your stuff on cooldown.

Looks just great. This alpha is better than many lifetime betas :)

I like the atmosphere. I'll learn the rules.

Great work!


how the game will behave on android

Excellent!!! just a question, the mobile version will work under iOS as well?
@tipu curate

EXODE will work on mobile browser, before becoming an app, so yes!

Just a note, some bug tracking reveals it works better on Chrome for iOS, but we'll also work on Safari.

Looking good!

Wow, it looks good! I saw the crew member upgrading the hyperdrive, but what were the other people doing?

Yes that woman saved me! she was 'only' a Radar Specialist, but my engineer was not here. With great notes in Cybernetics and Mechanics, she was excellent for the task on the Hyperdrive.

Others were:

  • "Guarding"; guarding the hallway protects the spaceship access from the immediate rush of looters and armed gangs. the bullets were "real", but nothing was much appearing onscreen. you'll see that better in next version.

  • Loading cargo and loading fuel.

  • and I sent some to recover a missing crew who was on permission.

It all sounds so real! Can't wait until April 30!

Is this Star Trek?

Wow, that's playing like a real game! Will you be able to replay this over and over without having to buy new cards? And will that earn more rewards? Great progress for a mere week of development!

You can play once for every Origin you have (3 if you have a Triple starter), and after each game the Origin is on cooldown (longer if failed EVACs).

Rewards will be added progressively; the finer the playable build becomes, the more rewards we will also put in it, as it gets closer to the final version.

The Progress made in the alpha or beta will be lost with the launch?

Is there a reporting mechanism, or a Bug Tracking? The community could do that job for sure. I would love to be an official tester for the IOS Version, maybe even help you out with writing and tracking test cases.

Special rewards will be earned during EVAC, and these rewards will be added to your asset collection. They won't be lost.

Amazing and realist style gameplay! Amazing work on this looking forward to the release!!! 😎

Welcome to the space , just be prepared to fight with the aliens. And keep your hard-disk safe from crash.

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hmm graphic kind of clunky... Good effort though. Any thoughts of using webassembly maybe?

I am not a gamer, but I am happy when I see that a lot of apps/games/etc. are built on HIVE blockchain!

Thank you!

( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️)




I love it! Much thanks to @cranium for his gifts. Looking forward to the launch of the game!

Really looking forward to playing this!