EXODE starships enter hyperspace, with all deadlines met and only 10 hours left on discount!

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This month will always be one important for EXODE.
It is the one where it became alpha.

Sure, current version has bugs and limitations.
I hope to add a collection of features to our live alpha, right after this post!

But what I like?

It is that this build has exactly the atmosphere and originality I wanted it to have.
It is that this game fulfills the points we aim for in our Game Manifesto.
It is that the community was outstandingly supportive.

It is already superb to share our experiences, see who got his ship exploded while escaping, and who got through! If this is the case now, with a limited alpha where we just have very limited orders and a preview of what is to come; just imagine what it will be with the full game!

The core alpha build was programmed in a week, so we know we will have many times more bang in our game.

All the great experiences to share, all the personal stories.
This is what EXODE is about: an original full game giving you a unique experience.

A new blockchain space game, which aims to come to Steam and expand.

The game is early alpha, but goes exactly toward what we aimed at in this concept video:

And now shows this:

(first alpha footage from our "version A"; we have now moved to the improved version C on browser!)

We are strongly based on the HIVE blockchain, with an entire card collection, all NFTs, a HIVE login, a card collection page, and even a live market already there from your card collection to sell assets.

This was an intense month!

We make all assets transactions there on the blockchain and also create new HIVE accounts for free when you place an order.

We got even further by recruiting blockchain artists, like @ShinoXL who was announced here and @nachofigx , our main ship designer, announced here.

Our Yakuza officer art by ShinoXL. One of the cards to acquire as a possible weekly drop on the Syndicate Contract.

One of our ship arts by Nachofigx. Taurus class transport.

By decision however, player orders and actions are not sent to the blockchain; we instead use blockchain to guarantee your NFTs, your assets, your rewards.

We are also opposed to automation (bots) as we don't have any matchmaking requirement.

Thanks to a fullgame build, cards being connected to your live game, a referral system that does not reward fake accounts too much (as referral bonuses are bound to account), and the way it is designed with so many dynamic events, EXODE is in countless ways not interesting for bots.

This is not a game where you upgrade something from Lvl13 to Lvl14 with automated actions; this is not an Ogame; instead you have to read text and take decisions from it; something humans are good at.

That will get even better in May of course with the Card Opening Day.

The playable alpha got the priority, but I will adamantly work on the the card collection right after today, releasing more of our 200+ unique cards.

Card example of one of our spaceships. Our card template will be improved further in May.

What do I need to play EXODE?

The website proposes "packs".

To play you only need to get one of the starter packs: they are at 5 USD, or 10 USD for the triple-starter that has all gameplay options.

The price has a 50% presale discount on average, ending today (at 6 PM UTC).

But I don't like to bring any incentive such as...
"hey last time you must get this! get this now!"

I don't think it's proper that blockchain games would use the term "promotion" and "sale" to make their "base incentive" as this is also used by ponzi schemes.

What I want, is not to decide because of some discount; but for you to understand the vision of EXODE, the game it is, the game it aims to be, and see if you want to take a seat in this space adventure.

If you want that?
Then today is a big day for it!

How do I play?

In EXODE, cards are used when launching a new game.

Your card collection is where you will start new games, in May.

The cards you place at launch are used to generate characters, ships, weapons according to their profile.

If you have a Tactical Officer card, then it will generate a Tactical officer ingame.

This officer will be profiled with a full RPG system "behind the curtains", with his own name, bonuses in his role specialty, and random stats elsewhere.

If you survive Evacuation - the gameplay currently previewed in our alpha - this Officer will become one new citizen in your colony. Colonization gameplay will be released after and will be a very dynamic experience, where you try to survive on the unique planet you received.

A colonization game can last for days, or weeks. This is where you can produce your own player supplies and sell them to other players on the Supply Market.

EXODE can be played without having to understand anything about the detailed system it uses.
You launch your ship with a button.
You give orders very simply.

Current alpha also uses a fixed starter, the one of the Navy Lieutenant, meaning you even don't have yet to understand the concept of placing cards in your new game.


Also, the game already has a tutorial.


This evening, a link to the alpha will be added to your card collection page.

April was a huge month!

But May will see so many things; with our Card Opening Day (early May), and so much refinement to our alpha gameplay. This year will be huge, and I thank all captains who joined the EXODE universe and supported this game!

See you soon on EXODE!

The website currently accepts Hive coins, Steem coins and Paypal as payment options. If you encounter any problem or need more answers, you will be welcome on our Discord!

To know more about it, you can check numerous sources: a website tutorial created by @blueeyes8960, our first interview with @manolchondev , or this very recent review , or this in-depth interview with @toocurious .

There is also this comprehensive and honest review by @Khazrak.


I am excited about the launch! This looks like a really fun game!

I think it will be a great adventure - go go EXODE!

My referral code for free boosters https://exodegame.com?ref=2f980c8

Im very happy what im captein THE BEST (in future) game - EXODE :)

Alredy bought my starter and can't wait to play the game.

If anyone needs a referral code to get some advantages like free booster, can take my code f9bfc9a or the following link

j'ai hâte de jouer c'est quand le démarrage officiel?

Le lien de la version alpha est déjà disponible dans la testroom-alpha sur le Discord.

Mais nous ajoutons ce soir un autre lien, directement depuis la Collection (il suffira donc de faire "Login" sur le site principal!)

cool car j'ai pas discord

I am already a big fan, primed with a selection of contracts and raring to get playing. Keep up the great work.

For those who don't like converting time in head - here is countdown timer until 6 PM UTC. Can't wait :)

I'm can't wait to see what drop from my Syndicate! I got 2 ready to go!

@elindos such a nice article regarding exode game. Just reblog.

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Its coming along nicely.

Will there be ships and exploration after the colonisation stage?

And space combat!

I wanted yesterday to define you how space combat will be managed. But then I thought, we need to make progress for players to see we will get there.

All three (focus on ship, exploration and space combat) are something extremely important in the late phases of gameplay. Before that, evacuation needs to be feature-complete (this month, actually in the next days) and we need to release a colonization preview. Space exploration and space combat are the Phase just after that! - Elindos