My stance on the new chain

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Recent developments proved that the current chain with the JS influence is not tolerable for anyone. That being said, I'll be focusing on the #newchain, HIVE for the future.

Of course, I'll be bringing my projects and tools to the new chain. For example, dPoll will abandon STEEM and will run on Hive chain once we get a main-net.

See @blocktrades' post for a full recap.


dPoll will abandon STEEM and will run on Hive chain

I'm going to do the same for my projects. In my opinion, it's better to have one strong chain rather than two average ones. And I believe this is the way most of the community will proceed so the old chain will die without any value at all.

O'right! Good2Know, fast reaction - that is very helpful to all the community. Thanks!

Good on you my friend! I will be heading over there with you. Packing my bags now.

I'm liking that name already.

Is there a working group / discord / chat for more talks regarding this new chain? I have some thoughts that I'd love to discuss :^)

Very excited for the future

There is, but I think the goal will be to ultimately have most of the discussions open-source & public. At least, that's what Hive is IMO all about: true decentralisation.

That's great to hear! Love the move to open & transparent discussions.

In the meantime, do you have a link to the current group? I'd like to get in on the ground floor & help out in any & all ways I can :^)

Good to hear mate!

I'm glad to see you moving to the new chain, Emre.

The link to dPoll is not working by the way. It seems you wrote https twice in the URL ;)