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RE: Introducing - free HIVE account creation service

in #hive6 months ago

In order to stop people creating multiple accounts, the service will keep track of every ip address used for account creation and will throw an error message when somebody dares to abuse it.

You can buy over 10k sock5 proxy IPs for less than $10 for 3 days.


Yep lessons learned.
Since they are a few people who aren't interested in HIVE to succeed blocking IPs won't be enough. Any suggestions who aren't a paywall are much appreciated.

are these new hive accounts coming with free HP delegated? If so, then abuse is going to be rampant. thoughts?

No free HP delegated. I guess there a someone or a group of people who want to see HIVE or especially this project fail, which won't btw 😀

Email verification? Any sort of verification will make it just a bit harder, enough to deter some people.

You are close. Don't wanna disclose it right now, it'll be a nice surprise 👍

It will be ready in the next 2 days, a few more work has to be done.
Until then, I disabled account creation for now while we are stockpiling new account tickets.