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I recently saw a nice and very interesting interview from Nuggets News on Decentraland and got curious.

If you have never tried, then take a few minutes and go visit the place. It is browser-based (best viewed in Chrome or Brave) and preferably needs to have Metamask installed

Just try the game, have a walk around and get a feel for the place. It's free.
The whole experience is decentralised and governed by the community. The "in-game" coin is which allows you to buy land, clothing, items all as NFT's
More and more companies have a place there and use it to host virtual meetings so with the hive communities we have a new place for AMA sessions or Meetups. Imagine something like a @splinterlands meetup or Hivefest (former steemfest) in a virtual world.

If nothing else it would make for a nice marketing piece for our blockchain and a cooperation option with another large community.

The next step was a suggestion to @theycallmedan on Twitter

and a fast enquiry to @aggroed who was open to looking into this as well.

I dove into the topic, did some research and found out there is a place in Decentraland called the Crypto Valley
I got in touch with the people who manage that area and they have agreed in principle to provide us with a free space for our community to set up a HIVE pavilion. The lease would be a long term free one and they ask in return that we use the pavilion for different uses

  • AMA's
  • presentations
  • meetups
  • regular events
  • parties
  • ...


Now there are 2 options to proceed.

  • use a design for pavilion created by someone from our community who has a lot of experience in modelling and can use the Decentraland SDK. In that case, the admins will have the final say of the aesthetics since it has to fit into the whole "theme"
  • use their designers to create a place for us taking the wishes of the HIVE community into account. They will create the concept art and will then ask us to sign off on it. The cost of this option would be roughly 2000 USD which we could put in as a proposal in the DECENTRALISED HIVE FUND.

I am writing this post to see if the community would find this like something they would agree to. If so I will create a proposal.

My ask of you in the comments:

  • If you are a graphic designer that has experience with creating buildings like this let me know.
  • If you think we should just create the proposal then let me know as well
  • your reaction to Hive having this kind of space in Decentraland in the first place. good or bad?

Please share this post so that we have as many opinions as possible.



I like it. I haven't looked at decentraland but I keep hearing about it.
Definitely worth establishing a Hive presence.

just jump in the world, its very cool to check out
Spreading the word on hive in an original matter

Oh Decentraland is my accidental purchase, I bought some a while back thinking I was buying something else, and just decided to buy a bit more every now and then! It seems to be doing OK lately.

I might have to look into buying some land again, last time I checked it was too pricey!

yea, I think it might have a future and it seems to have an active community... Thinking of getting a few plots for myself. How much did you pay for yours?
by the way, I like the interview, the guy that does these has a lot of good crypto content

Oh no I Don't have land yet, the cheapest plot is > than $500 which more Mana than I hold!

I didn't buy that much of it!

It's a good idea!

I think that all the collaborations with other blockchains or crypto related innovative proyects like this should be welcomed. Haven't looked Decentraland but looks like a Second Life backed by cripto. Seems a good idea to me.

its indeed like a 2nd life but the thing is that even the servers are all decentralised unlike second life. So the whole thing is not only backed by crypto its fully decentralised and cannot be taken down

#posh spreading the hive community around

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My experience with Second Live virtual world tells me it is an interesting opportunity, although I am not sure if many Hive users will feel comfortable going through the process of installing Metamask to get into the place.
Meetings are quite interesting as there is a nice real-time interaction similar to the one you get with Discord voice channels but adding avatars.
Having regular meetings there to educate or introduce and discuss proposals would be great

I would say that a lot of hivians are experienced with crypto and with different keys as well as keychain. So metamask is not that big of a stretch. Getting them to buy ETH might be

I have heard of Decentraland before, but do not recall the gist. From your post and comments I reckon I have the gist, and am gonna have a look. I appreciate your bringing this to my attention, as virtual worlds may soon have far more relevance in a world where we cannot as easily interact physically due to being under house arrest globally.


you're welcome, looking forward to seeing a lot of Hivians there...