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Recently, there's been a growing concern among some individuals that AI is posing a threat to content creation and curation on Hive. However, I hold a different view. Over the past few weeks, I've extensively engaged with ChatGPT and various other OpenAI tools. This experience has given me a fresh perspective, and I'm now eager to share my insights and thoughts on this matter.


Initially, it's essential to understand that ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) are not truly intelligent, at least not yet. These systems represent a broader category of large sequence models, a groundbreaking technology that's poised to revolutionize our lives, much like the steam engine sparked the Industrial Revolution. There's talk of developing 'Large General Models' (LGMs), which seem to promise even broader capabilities. However, I'm skeptical about the straightforwardness of this progression. Currently, we're merely beginning to explore the potential of these technologies. Yet, I firmly believe that in the next 10 to 20 years, we will witness the emergence of genuinely intelligent machines, surpassing any level of intelligence ever seen on this planet. It's a future for which humanity must start preparing now.

Hive Content

To keep things simple, I'll refer to these technologies collectively as 'AI', bearing in mind the limitations and characteristics previously discussed.

Hive is fundamentally structured to promote consensus-building. This involves agreement on various aspects such as code versions, content rewards, and proposal support. In this context, if AI or, more broadly, 'machines' were utilized for content generation or curation, I don't perceive it as a threat to Hive. On the contrary, it could enhance both the quality of content and the efficiency of curation.

This shift might result in machines earning compensation for their contributions. However, it's crucial to remember that this blockchain (this program) is designed to reward results, not effort. Therefore, if AI-generated content delivers superior outcomes, it logically follows that such content should gain more visibility and earn greater rewards.


In conclusion, the integration of AI in platforms like Hive represents not a threat, but a significant evolution in content creation and curation. As we've discussed, these technologies, while not yet fully intelligent, are rapidly advancing and have the potential to transform how we approach digital content. It's crucial to recognize that Hive's core principle of rewarding quality results aligns perfectly with this future, where AI-generated content could lead to more diverse, high-quality contributions.


Picture created with Dall-E (based on the text above), text improved by chatGPT 4

I did not use prompts to obfuscate that I was using AI in the first place.
Personally, I feel like my usual, handwritten texts are better than the text above.
Had I put in more effort into prompt design and usage, I could have generated something much better, than I ever could have alone, though.


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I think the main drawback to ai and hive is that we may be played for fools.
Nobody likes that.
It makes all the more important that the crowd knows each other.
When newbs come in and begin to draw attention it is up to us to determine that they are real, or not.
Blindly voting substantial rewards to unknown accounts should be minimized, imo.

You didn't read the post, did you :(

Just offering an opinion, not necessarily on the post, but on the topic.