First post in hive

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Hello hive friends so this is the first attempt to post in hive, i have been playing steemit since inception in year 2016, almost 4 years and i never sold a single steem, hive was born yesterday and i get the hive airdrop from every steem that i hold

Anyway since is not quite ready i was told by the support team that we can use to post, power down or undelegate

The blockchain for hive is located at and you can check all your activity there

So when i login to i was asked to login using hivesigner, it is very similar to steemconnect, then i can access my wallet and undelegate to some account

Hopefully we will be able to see more dapps coming for the hive

Thanks for reading


I have to repeat @creativetruth. This is the first post I've seen helping me find my voting power status. Thank you.

Undelegating using is mentioned in this post. Is that done by delegating a negative amount to the delegatee?

Thank you! This is the first post I have found mentioning how to view my blockchain data. All this time I have had no idea what my voting power is at.

Let me know if you learn about any other helpful dapps.