I have taken down the attack posts

in #hive5 months ago (edited)

It is never my intent to be destructive, and I feel like I have been. It is not a good look and nobody wins. I took some attacks quite personally and threw mud and acted like I have never before, and I am still taking personal inventory to reflect on my actions.

I do believe that there is a conflict of interest that is holding us back as a blockchain, but, as I learned the hard way, the way to fix that is to create solutions that will balance the chain, and that is the intent of the OneHive initiative. And that is just the first step.

I challenge all the witnesses to match my delegations, or offer any portion of, so that we can strengthen the communities that will strengthen Hive into the future.



None, because that's how Hive works. If you want centralized totalitarian punishment for how people vote, go over to the illegitimate thieves' den called Steem.

An hour after leaving this comment I just checked out your reintro post and it is awesome. If I had seen it before payout I would have upvoted it. That's how the Hive reward pool works, upvotes can counter downvotes.

But I am Pharesim, as you have proven.

Oh... I almost forgot. How's your teeth? Have you been brushing them?

You have finally made a good decision @gank. Now it is time to make another one! You promised to expose me as having hundreds, if not thousands of accounts. You have never come thru with any proof of that.

As a small Hive player, you have insulted, slandered, and libeled me. On numerous occasions.

I see that you have now Powered Down 90% of your Hive. I can only assume that you are getting ready to cut and run; trying to reduce your liability for fucking the whole Hive community.

Since you have lost our bet from the get go; I am expecting no less than 532 Hive as your reparation. There is no way you are Man enough to pay me your total Hive account; as I originally challenged you.

Since you now have hundreds of accounts that are calling you to task; please compensate one of the first community members that you wronged.

You have espoused Leadership, Truth, Transparency, and the value of your Research. All of which have proved to be wrong in my case.

Do the right thing, fold your hand, admit you were wrong, apologize, and compensate me for your Slander & Libel. Then you can cash out and just go away.

Who the fuck is Peter Conrad? Dude, you need to lay off the cannabis. You are starting to hallucinate.

I am Corndog54 and only Corndog54.

I think you need to seek some professional help. Your paranoia is consuming you.

Dude! I can’t keep up with your lies. One post I am wrongly accused of being Peter and the next I am being wrongly accused of being Parker.

Cool 😎. Maybe I am Peter Parker. I’m Spider-Man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You have teeth?