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Hey developers,


I just created Awesome-Hive, list of services and apps on Hive.

If you don't know about Awesome project, take a look at here:

Project contains list of services and links to various tools and libraries. Quite useful if you are developing or learning some new programming languages or skills. So we now have awesome-hive list, feel free to submit your pull request to add your apps, services.

I will submit PR to project awesome in 30 days to list Hive in decentralized systems section. One of the requirements, awesome list should be around for more than 30 days. So I ask anyone with service, tools, dapps to submit pull request to so we have complete list of services by end of June.

In 30 days, we will PR to official project awesome list. More awareness about awesome Hive! Meanwhile, let's complete awesome-hive together! 😎 🙇 🙏

Hive on!


good information did not know much information that you show here !!!

What a great initiative I want to be a part of this

Hey @good-karma, Can you tell me what kind of languages should I learn exactly to make a dapp on top of hive? Is there any good tutorial or resources anywhere on web about it? I will be grateful if you give me some info.

Hi @jahedhossain, Depends on your interests. Are you interested in mobile apps or web applications? For mobile, react native would be my first recommendation, for web reactjs or vuejs. Internet is full of tutorials these days, learning new language shouldn't take long if you know basics of programming in general

Thanks for ur response. Actually I am interested to develop a mobile app.

What a great gesture well done

hi i am new en hive!!

You should add @kryptogamers and dcity @gerber to the list of games since they are both awesome HIVE blockchain dapps

It is easy to add it into list: Just fork this and edit Readme by adding above mentioned apps, submit pull request.

Hey developers i.just awesome Hive list of service and apps on hive if you dont know about Awesome project take look at here project

Wow! Sounds really awesome!

excellent idea!

Hey that's amazing. looking fwd to it. good luck !

Good to have several directories on Hive. I guess it’s similar to Hive Projects.

This is a wonderful idea. Please don't forget (Hive.Vote competitor) and (Create Polls on the Hive Blockchain)

All you have to do is to create pull request on github. Just fork and edit README on website and submit pull request.

Hey, an impressive list already. Thanks for promoting Hive in a structured way :)

I can see space for and addition that in the dApps section. Games, fitness, social, ...

I remember it from somebody that there are around 30 dApp already on Hive ...

I'm waiting for you for a long month! LOL And now you are here! Welcome back, bro...

Nice work Feruz!

Nice idea. Not a fan of the github corporation blocking my access (M$), so hopefylly the list will include an open source option for repositories.

Is this more like a learning tool?

yes, dozen people know and check awesome list daily, so it is awareness as well as onboarding new people

Thats really cool. I am really interested


Quite useful... Influential. Insightful!


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