Hivesigner released and ready!

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What a day, hardfork, witness server upgrades, hivesigner (steemconnect) migration to Hive.



It works quite same way as steemconnect, except on Hive and uses hivesigner account as primary registry.

We have managed to fix numerious bugs with peakd and 3speak team. Our own team also did some tests while integrating in esteem. So far, we think we are ready!

Multiple libraries got updated, all repositories moved in one location:
Submitted Chrome extension for review, fixing couple issues with desktop application, we will announce once they become available to use.

We have also released hive-uri package that supports hive://

Migrate your apps to Hive with hivesigner.

It is simple:

  1. Authorize hivesigner and revoke steemconnect.
  2. Update app profile with latest relevant information.

That's it!

Let us know if you find any other issues, we will be monitoring for unexpected bugs to fix them asap. As services and full nodes stabilize on network in coming days, we will be continuing to provide support and help dapps migrate.


Hive on!


Excellent work! And welcome to hive :-D

awesome! :)

Thanks for the explanation. Will try later tonight.

Is the posting authorization issue ressolved?

Yes, it should be. Where are you getting this issue?

I was getting the error trying to post on and peakd a few hours ago before I switched to peaklock which worked. I was able to do a normal comment, so it could be that hivesigner didn't like the characters in the post or the chain didn't like how they were encoded.

I am interested in writing a php script that posts to both chains, but wanted to make sure that posting authorization issue was cleared first.

it should be by now, please check again.

Thanks. Noted.

Good job @good-karma. I really admire your love for the community and your proactive nature.

@good.karma I have my new Hive profile pictures ready so I can replace the steem branding for Hive, but have trouble at PEAKD to authorize the change using hivesigner.

For the moment, had to log out and use instead.

Profile update requires active key/permission. Please ask peakd guys to look into this. Thanks

thank you!

Thanks for your work.

Thanks. We want something similar to steemworld here on hive.

Awesome, can;t wait to get the new esteem whatever it will be called too! Such amazing work getting all this done in such a short period of time

What about converting hive dollar into hive ? @good-karma

I've spent hours trying all the wallets and I couldn't do that even with hivesigner.

What's going on ? Why others are saying that's working, but not for me ?

Make sure you have authorized hivesigner first. Like:

But, please tell me is there an instant converstion ? The first link you gave me showing me that it will take 3 days to be converted. Is there something instant in hive ? We use to 3 seconds transactions.

Hello I cant login to Peakd via Hivesigner with my credentials. It's login failed. I don't know what to do.

I just saw that the hivemind/hive name can be attributed to you! ❤️
Great choice!

hivesigner won't even let me import my account to use. So that is fun lol.

What key are you using and do you get any error messages on console?

To open the developer console window on Chrome, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift J (on Windows) or Ctrl Option J (on Mac).

Thats kinda my problem with the entire website. I can't unlock or reveal any of my keys to use them. And when its asking me for a password on hivesigner to create the new password the screen just sits there and the button goes from being clicked to not clicked and updates nothing.