Hive.Blue: Account Creation

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72 hour wait time was unfortunately extended.

On the first day of Hive launch the one account sign up service that was available, which was Hive.Blue, was overwhelmed by requests from users who mistakenly believed that they had to register a whole new account.

Myself and @patrice are still sorting through all of the applications. We are verifying every created account.

If you have a Steem account you don't need a Hive account.

The fact that out of the 287 submissions we received, the majority appears to be existing users. Some of these users are attempting to create new accounts to get out of blacklists. Some are trying to start fresh after being blacklisted or known for fraud.

Where users are on the Spaminator blacklist, I will review and likely remove the blacklist to let the person start again. If their previous actions were extremely malicious, harmful or were fraud, those people are out of luck and no account will be created. This is rare and likely I'll just remove the blacklisting.

What do users get from Hive.Blue?

  • All Hive.Blue accounts come with verification.
  • Email support as necessary.
  • Account recovery as necessary.
  • Detailed instructions for getting to know Hive.
  • Keys broken out.

Numerous users have benefited from the email support feature already and my email is full of back and forth questions and answers.

What don't users get from Hive.Blue?

  • Delegation (the service is meant to encourage investment in Hive while onboarding).

How are accounts created?

Hive.Blue accounts are not created from They are created from anywhere I have claimed account credits or where account credits are donated. In the case where the creator account is not owned by me, the recovery account will be set to @guiltyparties.

So far the creator accounts have been @guiltyparties and @spaminator.

121 have been processed.

This doesn't mean that 121 accounts were created as many already existed, as aforementioned.


A day or so ago I started asking users in Discord to help translate our onboarding and welcome messages to other languages. The website will be updated with the translations within the next couple of days. The translations are already being used in the email messages I send when onboarding users.

If you'd like to add a translation, please PR it. If you don't know how to use GitHub you can send it to me through any means you wish and I will add it and give you credit in the Readme file.

Other services or websites that wish to use the translations or any part thereof are welcome.

Have a nice day,


iam in blacklist, please review, 🙏 i will be better in hive, thanks

You're on the Steemcleaners blacklist, not Spaminator. Jump over to when you have a minute please.

okay 🙏

Great venture. Hope we get more investors on HIVE.

It's nice to see you here!

What about me, I guess my penalty should expire shortly..and I was blacklisted once because I reposted some of my original content and now because I posted a joke from the internet.

I'm not sure how long you have on your appeal. You should ask at the Hivewatchers discord

I had one account token that transfered over with the airdrop, plus I wanted to see if I could make one on Hive, which I was able to, so I have two account tokens, how do I send them to you, because I am not going to need them.

Since you only have two, it'd be better to keep them and create accounts for people you personally know who either need to rename an account (due to the the username having 'steem' in it) or lose theirs. Thank you for the offer.

Good job! I can translate anything you need in Dutch, do you need those? Never did a PR but will try as I'd like to pretend I'm a proper nerd :D