Hive Five!

in #hive3 years ago

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I thought that since I was confined to my house for the next month, so why not use this opportunity to start 'Steeming' again. So I logged in and within the next few hours came to learn that I would be 'Hiving' rather then 'Steeming' from now on.

Don't get fooled by the looks people because within that last sentence hides a wealth of research, contemplation and no small amount of pain. I can only imagine what those went through, who were actively participating in the hardfork. Now that its done, time to move on and be a little bit more free than our predecessor.

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Happy to see you here!

Hey! Hope things are good with you in these strange times. We just have to get used to saying Hive instead of Steem now, but then that all seems trivial given what is going on.

Stay well.