I need Some Guidance on 3Speak.tv

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My videos barely get any watch time on this platform. Now, I'm willing to admit it's because people aren't interested in my content and that people may consider it subpart, but I wonder on the other side of it, perhaps I'm doing something wrong while uploading. How does one actually make it to the front of the HIVE page? On average, each video yields 20 to 50 upvotes, but on the back end of the 3speak uploader, it only shows that less than 5 people have seen it. How can this be? Further I get between zero and 1 comment on each video. More often than not, it's zero. How can I change this abysmal and anemic view ratio?


Hi @highimpactflix,

And welcome to #Hive.

I agree with @antisocialist about engagement being very important.

Getting the initial votes is harder then getting consistent votes.

Once a person gains a following, and a good amount of supporters, they tend to get attention and votes/views consistently.

It's about team work, and teaming up with @dollarvigilante and @agorise is good, with enough taps, the glass will eventually break.

P.S. Happy to see you here, I followed you and will share your videos on https://D.Buzz sometimes.

~ @chrisrice

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Well said and thank you for sharing!

people are not interested in your content. Also you are posting too much without any viewership, like you mentioned. Try to post 1 per day or less. Also ... again... no one is interested in this content. Most of this is not original content. We are only interested in original content that makes sense.

Again you asked for guidance, I provided guidance. No further communication from my end.

All your rewards will be removed

This isn't fedbook or instafed, you have to be one of us to get anywhere here.
That requires commenting on the posts of others and being here to answer comments on your own posts.
Maybe join the conversations in the discords.
We are a social platform.

You should also probably realize that there are far more creators than consumers here, if you want attention here you will have to earn it.
Any outside fame will only attract the vapid, not many of those here with stake to vote on your posts.
Throw in that most of us here are aware of our place in the order of things, not many are looking for what you are selling.
We've already heard the news from our own sources.

Those downvotes you got were nothing personal and just part of the game in the hive.
The comments on the other hand,...

I would tend to agree with this. I do better here on this platform because I interact. The viewers hare are far different that those on platforms created for contented slaves. When I step out of line with my message I quickly get reminded here that principles are what matter not being popular. I'm not saying Brian is trying to be Mr. popular. I just think you need to understand it's not the same game when you come to this platform. I consider this my peer review platform. Oh and I am not nearly up on what is going on with the hive as I should be. It takes us all being fully informed to keep this decentralized and not turning into what steemit is. Oh wait that is happening.

Brian, I've been a long time follower of your work and sincerely appreciate it. I know that also dollarvigilante.tv will be syndicating your videos there as well, and you will get paid in $HIVE coins for every upvote and tip that you receive there. Keep tellin it like it is bro.

A left/technocratic cabal run the large accounts on here -anyone trying to talk about truth, try to suppress with downvotes.

Are you planning on doing a show about it? ...lol (check out my account for the last 7 months - every single post downvoted)