Graphic elements development for Hive events

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Hello, community, for some time now we have been collaborating with some marketing initiatives so that some Hivers can promote the Hive blockchain in a better way.

Recently contributed with @purepinay in making a slideshow presentation about Hive and some designs that are used to promote the Hive brand.

The great Hivers @purepinay has been promoting Hive in her region and has had great results, we are happy to contribute with her and have the Hive brand presence.

Post link

Graphic designs for events:

We would like to present some of the results we have obtained in the development of graphic elements that show the Hive brand.

The first thing that was made for events was the slideshow presentation that can be used to show the power of Hive to those present at any event.

We show you some slides of the presentation, below we leave the link so you can download the complete slides:

Hive presentation - Hive Creators.png

Hive presentation - Hive Creators (1).png

Hive presentation - Hive Creators (2).png

Hive presentation - Hive Creators (3).png

Hive presentation - Hive Creators.png

Hive presentation - Hive Creators (5).png

Hive presentation - Hive Creators (6).png

HIVE Presentation slides: Download

More elements

For face-to-face events, we designed some visual elements that show the Hive brand and that attendees can remember.

These designs can be adapted to all countries in the world.

CARNET 1.jpg

CINTA 2.jpg

CINTA 1.jpg

CINTA 3.jpg


ITALY 1.jpg

MEXICO 1.jpg

MEXICO 2.jpg

MEXICO 3.jpg

MEXICO 4.jpg

UU EE 1.jpg

VZLA 1.jpg

Part of our goal is to be able to provide solutions in the area of advertising and brand recognition, so that when we introduce Hive to new potential users, we can make more of an impact.

Soon we will be publishing more about the work we have been doing.

Can you give us your feedback for improvement?

The rewards in this post go to @samgiset, the creator of all these graphics.



Great designs!

There is one little typo, fifth slide from the top: it should read

"retire" HP

Thanks for noticing the errors, we will improve it.

@coinomite compliment of the season. Greetings 🎊. How is work going and family too. My regards @coinomite

Compliment of the beautiful Season to you and your family. Greetings 🎊🎄

@coinomite God bless you for me. God bless your hustling. God bless your investment. I'm grateful. Thanks for checking on my article.

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Great design, where can we download the cool Hive bage for events?

Awesome, hive on! 🙃

These designs are fantastic! @samgiset, you are doing great things. The lanyards and passes are so aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you very much for your words @daltono, I still have a lot to learn, and it's great to read this comment from you.

Thank you so much for all the amazing work, Sam!
And to @eddiespino and @enrique89 for helping with the slideshow presentation! <3

You Are kicking ass already. Love the designs. Keep it up.

Great designs, I have saved them and will be doing my part through social media

Thanks for sharing!

I was wondering if Hive has an official affiliate / referral program?

If so - is there good documentation on how it works?

(Sorry for bugging you with this question. But, you seem like the best Hiver to ask, lol.)

Thank you so much for promoting Hive!

I really like the slideshow, very usefull. 👏 and the badge design is great. @sillvie check this post 😘

All the design are really fantastic. It's a wonderful work.

Awesome work @samgiset! I love them! I can't wait to use them in an event soon. I'm happy to be part of Hive and the @hivecreators project.

Thanks so much, @eddiespino I love being able to collaborate on Hive, I would also love to see these items in use very soon. I'm also happy to be part of @hivecreators.

Congratulations, I know this sector very well, you have done a great job, of high quality.

great work!

Great job .. hope we can use this image to make flyers for promo -hive in Ghana west africa for newbies and investors

Wow Sandra te quedaron espectaculares todas esas diapositivas! Estoy segura que serán de mucha utilidad incluso para colocarlas en los post! Éxitos con ese talento! @samgiset 💪

Graciass @mballesteros espero que sea muy utilizado; todo ese material lo vamos a refrescar en un futuro, fue hecho hace un tiempito y ya estamos más pro. Te mando un abrazo, y gracias por esas bellas energías.


very good all friends, congratulations and success ...

Good job, great. Best regards.

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I can see a brighter future. I love the designs and the words you used. Just amazing.

Hola amigos mis amigos de @hivecreators quería saber si tienen una versión de esta presentación en español para poder crear tutoriales con el fin de sumar más usuarios a Hive.

Sí, pueden enviarnos un correo a [email protected] te respondemos con la presentación.