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Hive blockchain infographics

We are in the anniversary week of Hive, and it is timely to find information that we can disseminate, it is the moment to share with you these three infographics that allow us to visualize: the comparison between Hive and other blockchain in terms of transaction speed, the NFT ecosystem of the Hive blockchain and the comparison of Hive and Web2 social networks.

Speed of HIVE vs. other blockchains.png

nft ecosystem on HIVE.png


@enrique89 and @samgiset designed the infographics, and @guiltyparties reviewed it.

We want to thank you for their collaboration @guiltyparties

We want your constructive feedback to improve.

After the feedback we will make another post sharing the infographics in high quality so they can be shared.

We look forward to your comments.

The rewards in this post go to @samgiset, the creator of all these infographics.

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these are great infographics

Thank you @doitvoluntarily

Hi, the infographics turned out great, congratulations! Since you are asking for feedback, I'll leave you some comments. In the first one, transaction fees and time are eloquent, but consensus mechanism is a bit difficult to understand for those who do not have moderately advanced knowledge of blockchain. Maybe explaining where those acronyms come from could help to reach more people, or maybe a full infographic is needed to develop that topic, I don't really know. In the last one I notice that in the title and subtitle web 3 is as the first term of the comparison, but in the charts web 2 is first. Maybe it would be convenient to unify and also put the web 3 chart first? On the other hand, wouldn't it be better to have something like a table for comparison? Not necessarily a traditional table, but something that does not repeat the name of each item. These are just suggestions, as I said at the beginning, infographics are great! !PIZZA !LUV

Thank you very much @agreste for these suggestions, they are very accurate to improve the infographics.


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I found this one and I think you can update HIVE ecosystem as well

Yes @sodom-lv, this ecosystem is great, it's possible that @enrique89 will update it soon.

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