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Hello everyone, we are happy to introduce you, which enables you to purchase amazon (U.S Only atm) giftcards w/ Hive/HBD and soon Tribe tokens. We are now open and "live" for accepting orders.

We were over on Steem as @steemgyft and migrated to the SteemLeo shop to start selling, but as we all know, things have changed a bit since then, so have migrated over to the Hive community.

We plan on adjusting our prices as we gauge our costs/price volatility.We only have one $10/$15 Amazon card options, but over the next few days we'll be adding more. We hope to offer some promotional offers as we go along too.

Feel free to ask questions below. We will roll out our FAQ next on the website. Please go ahead and Rehive to pass this along far and wide.

We are happy to be part of the Hive community!


Giftcards are an excellent way to spend crypto without an exchange.

I think this will be a good thing for new users. Voted and re-steemed.

Thanks! We are busy piecing it together and thanks for the Vote and Re-Hive.

@dkid14 this is something you might enjoy.

awesome. Thanks man

great work. Excited to see it grow.

Thanks, @dkid14 I appreciate the support!

Exciting times. Great work!

Thanks, @dougkarr we are busy going to add more products shortly. Thanks for the support!

Nice. Would love to see more gift card options and even Hive Engine tokens for payment options.

Nice. Would love to see more gift card options and even Hive Engine tokens for payment options.

Yes, hopefully we can add in some more. We are definitely going to enable a few Hive Engine tokens as well.

Awesome stride here.

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Thanks @uyobong we are busy working to add more stuff.

Google play gift codes would be something useful for me

We will definitely look into it. Basically, anything that can be transferred via email will work in this system. Make sure to follow us for further updates.

Edit: is this what you are referring to?

Edit: is this what you are referring to?

Yes, I have to use Google's services from time to time and I really hate adding credit cards

Ok, might ask you some questions regarding this later on.

Might want to optimize your site, extremely slow load time on my end (I'm in the US and was +6.X load -- you have some render-blocking elements).

Love the foray into #HiveCommerce territory, looking forward to watching you grow this!

@HiveList / @TheLogicalDude and I would be happy to connect sometime :)

Thanks for stopping in @nulledgh0st .

Might want to optimize your site, extremely slow load time on my end (I'm in the US and was +6.X load -- you have some render-blocking elements).

Yes,we'll be fine tuning it over the next few days just wanted to get it out and moving forward. We love what everyone is doing around here w/ @hivelist and @thelogicaldude putting together excellent websites for #HiveCommerce. We'll connect up shortly for sure.

We are both eager to chat - we have a lot of plans in store for #HiveCommerce overall, so connecting with others in the realm goes a long way for everyone!

I agree! Hive has to have a place for people to spend to complete the loop for sure. Do you have someone who is good at optimizing wordpress sites? I guess we can talk about. What discord are you in? Thanks!

Sure, join the HiveHustlers Discord and we can connect further:

You definitely wanna optimize the time. Took me 7 seconds to load it up.

Yes, will be doing so thanks for the heads up!

What is the cost?


Yes, we'll be adjusting it shortly as we find a good place for volatility.

Fantastic this sounds awesome! Really great idea, I will have to remember this if I want to buy something with my coins here off platform!

Thanks, @cmplxty make sure to follow us as we grow this out.

Decentralized Hive is supporting Amazon? 😣 Counter-intuitive. Great idea but please find a better and more ethical supplier. I have been actively boycotting Amazon - as have LOADS of people - for 12 plus years.

Fair enough. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring in other sources.

Excellent news! Will you be able to buy GiftCards too?

Hi, @miqueldavidor that is what this site does is allow you to buy giftcards to buy on Amazon.


Thank you @woelfchen make sure to follow!

Can i sell gift cards on this platform

Hi @bhoa, at the moment user's themselves can't sell gift cards but not a bad idea.

That's okay.. You guys are really doing a great job

Cross posted to Hivelist Community! So now it can be seen on as well!

Thanks! @thelogicaldude I love what the Hivelist community is doing and plan on spreading the news on it. Hive #commerce is key to all this.

WoW Thats Amazing !! I would love to see you guys adding gaming gift cards like : steam, ps4, google play, garena, blizzard, xbox and also subscription for Netflix & discord nitro. 👍

Thanks for the tip! @zaku for the support. Sure, I don't see why it can't be done we'll look into it once we have everything sorted out for sure.


Looks delicious! thanks @hivepeople .

How about country specific cards, when can we expect that. It can also be the user selling the cards for the country in that way you don't have to handle it and thus buyer and seller can do the job for themselves.

Yes, we can look into it. No ETA on when that can be done but interesting concept for sure.

There is a typo it should be HBD and not SBD

Thank you. Fixed it!

Excellent! Now we can do more things with HIVE. Thank you for your hard work to make this happen!

When do gift cards come available in Europe?

We can't give a ETA but I'm sure it will be around the corner. We figured our European folks would need something.

This is awesome! Sharing the love.

Thanks for sharing the love @hive.consultant 😀

Shared to the Hivelist community! Make sure you tag stuff like this with #hivelist so we can help spread the love of #hivecommerce

Thanks guys for all the support! We'll start to add #hivelist & #hivecommerce .

Hey man, earn you some LIST for those posts. You can also promote your Hivelist posts as well with LIST and it will burn the tokens, which decreases the supply. Staking LIST to certain levels will get you discounts on the store. So there are plenty of benefits for posting to Hivelist!

Happy to support!

Awesome idea. I love LIST and what you are doing. I'll have to pick some up 😀

Looking forward to working together going forward.


When can I expect my email? Just purchased a 15 amazon card!! Do you all have a discord?

Some reason @dkid14 the order didn't come into till this morning! We are working on it now. We'll get a discord set-up shortly. Thanks!

Sweet. I’ve almost got brought for another $15. Hopefully tomorrow sometime I’ll place another order.

Let us know if you received it? It says it was sent to your email address.

Got it. Thanks!

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