Hive x Telos Collaboration: Embracing Synergy

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Hive does not see fellow decentralized blockchain-based initiatives as competitors but rather as colleagues. Only through working together with other like-minded trailblazers can we reach the summit.

We're excited to announce that over the past few months we have had some great discussions with our fellow Web 3.0 proponents at Telos.

There is much synergy between our communities and goals. Both Hive and Telos are focused on innovating on top of DPoS technologies and embracing new challenges.

In case you haven't heard of Telos yet:

Telos is a third-generation blockchain platform for building fast, scalable, distributed applications with feeless transactions. The Telos network has been developed to power the economies of the future and provide human-scale solutions to global challenges. With these goals in mind, it features innovative governance tools, no front-running and leading ESG compliance. The upcoming release of Telos EVM will make Telos the only blockchain to support both leading industry protocols (EOSIO C++ and Solidity EVM). This opens the network up to an extremely large pool of developers, which now boasts over 100 dApps and integrations.

Follow Telos: Telegram | Twitter | YouTube

We are still outlining what our collaboration roadmap looks like at the moment and the milestones to be achieved.

There is much opportunity for both of our decentralized communities to learn from and support one another as we pioneer Web 3.0.


So, you finally took the Ackza bait.

How could he not take it? ¿Huh? ...With the persistent, coherent and eloquent verbiage of our esteemed friend Azcka everywehere? :D

everyone here in the comments gets 1 telos worth like a freakin dollar, its OPRAH time

and for you @enforcer48


By the way i orchestrated a telos proposal system funded airdrop of like thousands of TLOSP back on steem many of you have some telos which is now closer to $1 lol.

telos is easy guys if I can do it imagine what hive users will do, I see telos sia/ipfs/torrent style as our new DPOS/EOSIO image and media hosting for things like @dbuzz @dtube @threespeak even @vimm

And starting with i dunno @steemenginex @aggroed @someguy123 @privex and hive-engine maybe the "true" more ethereum like non side chain telos smart contracts ....maybe..... can be integrated into hive maybe with a hive witness on telos and a telos BP on hive voted in by respective groups @dan chain of chain style hah

also there's the Telos Ethereum EVM! Now I know @klye may have Talked to jessie the telos BP about that hah .... for a HIVE ethereum EVM .. and maybe I dunno, we can mix up the three lol and invite @leofiannce and binance smart chain and... ya know... I ALSO got convinced to add PHIVE pegged hive to ETHEREUM telos eos and BSC so we can have HIVE on unisap and pancakeswap using a big name peg of hive from provable thinsg and eosfinex backed pnetworkdefi

When all of these dominoes fall its gonna be oprah city!

Cool, interesting, intriguing. Most probably beneficial too.

So, what is the general idea for this collaboration and how will the first step look like?

Both Hive and Telos are under major development at this time so the first stop in the roadmap hasn't been fully defined yet. Aside from exploring the use of one another's technology, we will possibly see a way to connect user accounts.

Merging user base will a possibility of a mutual airdrop? Hint hint :)

That would be a great start!

I already did an airdrop to top like 2000 steem users before hive existed lol thanks to @telosfoundation generous donation funded from their own EDF and WPS

Now, we will obviously keep going lol

Heres 1 swap.TLOS for you each , worth liek a freakin BUCK


and you @guiltyparties


and yeah when we get to add the PHIVE on eos telos eth and bsc we can add PHIVE to and lol i did that all myself with steemp back with @someguy123 pre pandemic

with ptokens its much better, they have million dollar volume PBTC and PETH tokens etc

And also we can use and do massive PHIVE telos airdrops on twitter discord telegram github etc

And yeah also IPFS Dstor image hosting for dbuzz, telos based video STREAMING for and 3speak etc

@ervin-lemark denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@ervin-lemark thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

This is really a lot of options and possibilities in the future. Great work.

And thank you :)


To be honest I don't see HIVE airdrops in the future unless there's a clear DHF proposal and extensive community engagement put forward first. Hive does not have the luxury of using centralized accounts for distribution. But we will see something notable in regards to this partnership and others. Unlike its predecessor, Hive places emphasis on collaboration.

@donchate, sorry! You need more $PIZZA to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 20.0 PIZZA liquid, and 0.0 PIZZA staked.

More $PIZZA is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

we will do all our hive airdrops using hive-engine tokens lol let people see their HIVEPOWER interest rate as a perpetual airdrop lol

  1. Telos airdrop to HIVEPOWER holders and vice versa
  2. SWAP.Telos pair on Hive-engine

And a CUB-Telos IDO

1 tlos 4 u

Much appreciated @ackza I was wondering where this come from 😅 Thanks again.

cub cant join telos untill they 1. un mute me 2. ackzaknowledge my proposal to get them on telos 2 years ago which they laughed at in their discord which i dont blame them because they were high on ethereum at the time lol with GOT memes

just kidding, i dont have that power on @telosnetwok lol but they have an arbitration portal like a supreme court with voted in members lol but hive doesnt so theyd see it as an internal hive dispute lol i love this

UNEOSIO! teloshive . greek gods + bees


lol look , because of MY PLAN I forced through, forseeing this date, we already airdropped to steem before hive was even made

and yes we will do it more heres your $1 Telos!

and i paid to have it added and wrote proposals and had @steemenginex telso account paid autonmatically so i didnt even have to handle teh funds

i fucking pioneered the new alien pleidean smart contract business treasury sheeeeet
and heers ur swap telos!
oooh i feel the inspuiring tyytpos a comin on where my finegrs just dance on thge keybaord

lemme go get an american spirit yeah i smoke cigaretes now liek a real author
why doesnt hive have posting key auto correct? or ill hire peopel like i use dto, to edit and correct all my insane posts hahahahahahaha i used to do that on steem i gave peopel in other countries my posting key and theyd edit my insanity so i coudl stream consiousness broooo

thats how i did what you asked 2 years ago wtf lol


Nice, looking forward what this collaboration brings to both blockchains, find this news very positive for our ecosystem, this is the way to go, interoperability is one important factor to grow.

1 tlos 4 u

Thank you!.

Looking good and partnerships are the way to go.
On another front we have also partnered with other charities here and although it is a totally different subject, it holds the same message of overcoming fear of the opposition, and together we can all do some much better.

heres 1 tlos


Thank you kindly.

Looking forward for the outcome of this partnership!

1 tlos

Thanks for the tip!

It is good news for every user!!

Looking forward to seeing how Hive x Telos will be working together. untitled.gif

1 tlos


I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.

Great, looking forward to see what I can do with my modest Telos holding. Might even get more.

Interesting. I didn't see it coming, but I agree, collaboration and interoperability is the future of blockchains. And I'm glad Hive is looking towards that.

1 tlos

Thanks! :)

Telos did an important thing by tokenizing on the BSC and having the pools on Pancake Swap. Also going back to the acorn / squirrel theme as well instead of that purple dot they went to a couple years ago.

I think a HIVE / Telos collaboration is huge! Excited for the Solidity EVM and hopefully it can flex the true power of the EOSIO software.

1 tlos

Thank you!

1 tlos

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I'm waiting for more information concerning the collaboration. All I can say right now is, collaboration if it is done will lead to prosperity for all. Kudos to the team

Interesting news ... what perplexes me is that APPICS has been migrating to TELOS for 8 months now and it has not yet succeeded ... I do not understand all these difficulties