Hive x Uquid: Shopping with HIVE and HBD

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We are excited to announce the progression of our latest major partnership with Uquid, an online product and service provider on the verge of global adoption.

The partnership and integration allows individuals to make purchases of goods and services on Uquid with both HIVE and HBD.

Please see articles in The Coin Rise and Issue Wire for additional information.

Learn more about Uquid

Launched 2016 became the first company in the world to provide cross-border digital services with blockchain-friendly payment types.

With many years working in the international finance market, we have found that customers always try to find the fastest and easiest way to access their money and the safest way to shop online. Uquid comes with a guarantee to instantly supply any user with their money, without any advance documents requirement.

You may read more about Uquid on their site.

How do I shop with Uquid?

Select the items that you're interested in as you would with any online retailer. Then head over to your Wallet page and make a deposit of either HIVE or HBD.


When you're ready to pay for your purchases, select 'Crypto payment, Pay as you go!' and then either HIVE or HBD. Follow the instructions that pop up.


We look forward towards the future as we continue working with Web 3 pioneers like Uquid.


This is neat!!!

This should be the best news we've had in a while yet no comments!

Best wishes with the partnership and I look forward to giving it a try. I will pop over to their site to see about things like worldwide shipping and how it all works. How wonderful it will be when we can shop online using Hive just as easily we can with a traditional credit card.

Thanks for all your hard work :-)

wow, fantastic news! This is a great step forward :))

This is definitely a work well-done

This is good news. A real cashless policy!

I just hope the process is as seamless as described.

this is pretty cool, nice developpement :-)


Great news for Hive, this provides a lot of utility to the token. Another step to the long waited mass adoption. Congratulations to whoever has managed this agreement.


Yes, very nice!

Great info for our community, I would love to see possibility to buy for example cars with crypto without tax when change for fiat

we need Blog and Shop next :)

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Are they KYC or anonymity-friendly? Can I link directly through my HIVE wallet, or do I need to use an intermediary exchange?

If you look at the screenshots, it seems they don't integrate your wallet into their customer account or support Keychain or Hive Auth directly. You type in the receiving account, amount and memo on the checkout to your wallet, either blockchain or exchange wallet.

There is a KYC level section on the account page though but I couldn't find any info in FAQ about limits and requirements.

To verify KYC level, you need to upload your ID and billing info. Normally, you have no requirement to upgrade your KYC level, it expand limitation if you want to withdraw your amount or pay with your cash card/bank, some cases, it's good and free to sell your NFTs assets in UQuid platform.

Cool! Ecommerce with HIVE and HBD!

When sign-in with Hive on Uquid? ;)


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Amazing, I would love to have a p2p marked who accept HIVE on Cuba.

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