Join Hive at BREATHE! Las Vegas September 13-15, 2023: A Future Tech Web3 Convention

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As one of our final North American convention appearances this year, the Hive community will be sponsoring, speaking at, and exhibiting on the showfloor for a huge web3 and disruptive technology gathering in the heart of the electric bustle of Las Vegas for BREATHE! 2023.

It's been a crazy year for our Hive community, as many groups have been focusing on taking the ideology and tech stack that makes Hive so innovative outward to crypto and crypto-adjacent gatherings. As we've mentioned in past posts, attempting these events during such a heavy bear market has been a serious challenge, but has given us the ability to push our funds farther and stand out as resilient builders during a time where the industry lacks commitment and certainty. We are rounding our our last North American 2023 appearance with a huge communal area showcasing six of our dapps, the blockchain itself, as well as bringing many dev business teams, hosting not one but two keynote speeches, and even putting together a panel utilizing some of the experiences our dapps and partners are bringing to market. This event is aimed at the businesses, entrepreneurs, industries and communities who are ready to join web3 to build relationships and look for new growth and monetization opportunities, as well as cross networking. It's a really great opportunity for Hive to make some noise about what makes us the protocol for true web3.


Are you in Nevada or the surrounding states, and want to join us for this event to keep our area well attended or help out with info sharing? We invite you to join us, so read on to learn more about this event, and leave a comment if you're interested in getting some FREE tickets to come and show off that you're a Hive community member!

We often talk about how we believe strongly as a community that our dapps and the projects that connect to Hive will be the portals for onboarding and catalysts for growth. In an attempt to help as many of our smaller projects that are building incredible communities without the support of VCs, founders or corporate nepotism, part of Crim's work with Valueplan is to find and capitalize on opportunities with them on behalf of Hive as a whole. BREATHE! is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the true power of Hive's ecosystem, specifically to upcoming projects who know they need to discover and integrate with web3, but aren't sure where to start, as well as to creators, communities and businesses who are looking for flexibility and turn-key accessibility. This is where the bulk of the world is at technologically, and making sure that we get our solutions in front of the eyes that aren't sure what they are looking for yet is part of our overall success.

While conferences and large events won't always be the right fit for Hive, our attempts this year as large groups getting out around the world to attend public gatherings to spread the word have been incredible lessons- people are consistently stunned by how exciting and logical Hive is and can absolutely see how it fits into their lives. The more events we attend, the more we hear from people who have no idea that the tools and capabilities of Hive are the things they need. Organizing a diverse group of our community to organize, provision, plan for, and execute these events has been a tremendously difficult challenge, and has really proven that we can pull off incredible things with limited resources largely because our ecosystem is so well positioned. Though Valueplan can be contentious in our community as its marketing umbrella has a wide reach, it has single-handedly made our ability to go to these events possible, and it's been an honor seeing how incredible our events volunteers have performed. Hive is full of passion and talent!

This event has already built a strong partnership with the Hive community, but we would love to have a large group of Hivers show up to help make our area a busy and exciting place to stop in to learn more about what opportunities exist! If you want to help create some incredible vibes, have fun, and meet some more of your Hive crew for an awesome event, please leave a comment here or message @crimsonclad on any platform! We'll be delighted to help you register to attend the full event without having to pay an entry fee and get to enjoy the swag, talks, gaming, workshops and more.

Speaking of speakers... 🎤

Crimsonclad will be heading up the first day on the main stage for a keynote talk underlining how web2 and web2.5 businesses and brands can leverage the freely accessible benefits of Hive, and why it matters to start offering true ownership paired with fast and free value transactions to customers while using social features to build resilient community. As the event is full of keen marketers, creators, businesses and industry leaders learning how to integrate web3 ideology and tech, it's important that Hive is there to show them that there is no other blockchain that offers the entire package. She'll also be participating in a day 2 panel on the Women Leading Web3 track with some other notable industry leaders.


Aggroed will be giving a keynote talk discussing the rise of Splinterlands, what it's like to build a viable business in the web3 space, and how Hive has helped create one of the most successful and longest running blockchain connected P2E games in the world. Our ecosystem supports a number of opportunities for different levels of integration, so the chance to talk to the companies who will be making up the next wave of entries into our space before they choose their infrastructure is an incredible opportunity!

There will also be a feature discussion panel moderated by Crimsonclad featuring Bookerman of @wrestorgonline and some of their fantastic wrestling entertainment partners, who are living proof of how the web3 model gives agency and independence back to creators and performers. With Sonny Onoo and Perry Saturn, WOO is a Hive gaming dapp that is using the blockchain to create traceable, fair income streams, real-world partnerships to span interests and niches, and to create a project that aims to change an entire industry for good. Utilizing these relationships as well as the experiences of famous "newbies" to web3 is a great way to help other people understand why this type of social and financial technology needs to be their focus for the future.

Join @aggroed and @splinterlands, @gaottantacinque and @cryptoshots.nft, @bookerman and @munchiesmcgee with @wrestorgonline, @khaleelkazi and @leofinance, @jarvie of @peakd, @theycallmedan, @starkerz and @vaultec of SPK Network, as well as @simplegame, @dynamicgreentk, @scaredycatguide, @crimsonclad, and even more members of our community at Hive's large social pavilion, which is directly adjacent to the Hive branded Center Of the Universe Mainstage!

Work and Play, the Web3 Way~ We want you!

You will find the full updated presentation and event schedule on the website at at some point in the next few days. If you plan to be in attendance, the conference will take place Wednesday, Sept. 13th & Thursday, Sept. 14th - 8 AM - 6 PM - The Expo @ World Market Center in Las Vegas. If you can attend in person, make sure to let us know so that you can be provided with complimentary tickets! Food, drinks, side events, a NFT creation world record, a curated art garden, and multiple networking lounges plus the exhibition showfloor and the full speaking schedule will take place on both days, so make sure to plan to come and hang out with your community across that time. If you'd like to read more about how this event came about, click here for Crim's original post on the subject.

This has been a challenging year that has been really successful in showing off what the determination of Hive community can do! BREATHE! is a great chance to show off what an actual web3 social presence looks like in the cryptospace, and what kind of impact it can have on driving actionable results for creators, builders and businesses.

This- and every- event wouldn't be possible without all of the absolutely neverending behind the scenes work of the @valueplan team and a number of Hive community members who put their time and funds into helping make more noise about the Hive ecosystem. Getting the people who are ready to dive into web3 and blockchain but who need infrastructure and an approach that allows them to utilize their existing skills to create more equitable businesses is our main goal with this particular event. We hope we will see you in person for this awesome event, but of course we will have a few more events for the rest of the year in diverse locations announced as their dates draw closer. While as of right now. keynote talks at BREATHE! may not be livestreamed for the rest of the globe, there will be recordings and replays as part of a concentrated after-show education and marketing campaign. Hive outward-facing social media will be sharing more details on how to tune in as soon as they become available! Hive is more than just a blockchain ecosystem – it's a heartfelt ideology that is driving better businesses, a hub of open source and decentralized value creation, and a world-changing community when we work together.

We're taking over BREATHE! to show the world that web3 is the way forward, and that we can build in a way that returns the power from the few large corporations back to everyone who is involved in creating and sharing value via social blockchain. The way that we work and think is the basis for a huge shift in how everyone, everywhere will begin to see the possibilities of the world soon enough... if we show them how.

See you in Las Vegas!


Too bad it's mid-week, otherwise I would be tempted to go! Sounds like it's going to be a potentially amazing exposure opportunity for a lot of people who haven't heard of Hive yet though!

This will be fun! Thanks for all the hard work on this Crim and Co.!

Okay, my new friend, not only am I pumped about your appearance on #HiveSpace Wednesday, but now that I’ve read your post about BREATHE & what Hive is pimping, I’m losing my mind! 😆

Is there room for one more? There’s a nonstop flight to Vegas some 20 minutes from home!

Accommodations will likely be the challenge just given Vegas pricing in general. If you can get there, we'll happily set you up with an all access pass to get put to work have lots of fun!

Oh man I really wish me and Dog could come to this!

Hopefully the next community conference for hive we could be able to attend especially if it is in the Western United States again!

Super awesome job!


Would love to join and help out! Shall see if I may make it or some side event. Best to everyone there!

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This is such a must see event! Too bad it's that far from Europeans. I'm sure many would love attend!

Europe is usually the area we have the most gatherings, so we're evening things out a bit. That being said, for those who can't come to Hivefest, there will be an event that Hive is sponsoring the networking bar at in Amsterdam around the same time :)

That's awesome to hear!

fantstic, happy to see HIve there!

I want to join this event

I have a feeling this event is going to be an extraordinary one
I wish I could join

What a team!! It’s amazing guys!! I really love all this energy of community and constante expansion all over the world and with different dynamics!! I’m so proud for being part of Hive!

Good luck everyone participating! Glad to read that @wrestorgonline takes Sonny Onnoo AND Perry Saturn with them. They are true wrestling legends!

I wish I could hop on a plane and go to vegas right now! Maybe next year

@crimsonclad pls I need assistance on the some subjects regarding the event, where can I talk to you?

Anywhere! Please find me on any hive related chat platform, discord, telegram, or even email. I'm happy to help~

Discord will be okay pls

How can I reach you?
This is my dicord name

Looks awesome if you need any local assistance just hollar, I have helped set these live events up in Las Vegas for just over a couple decades now ;)


& Thanks for the ticket :D See You There!
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