#HiveChat - A Simple How-To for First Timers

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#HiveChat may well be one of the HEALTHIEST things happening on Hive. Why? Cos it's a totally grass-roots, anyone-can-join-in, fluctuating dialogue about Hive designed simply to engage a wide audience around 5 focused Hive Questions. It's NOT witness or major agenda driven. In fact, the rotating #HiveChat Host sets the questions, which are molded from responses to the previous week's #HiveChat, reflecting the chatter on Twitter about Hive during the week and with a little polish and edit for twitter brevity from Hive Marketing.

#HiveChat is Decentralization at work!

You really don't get to complain about decentralization and other people controlling the agenda if you don't engage and contribute.

So, How does it work? And how do you join?

  • Sign up for a twitter account and be sure to indicate in the Bio that you're a Hive person - it helps us to recognize & connect.
  • Follow the designated #HiveChat Host for that week.
  • And be sure to follow @HiveLift. 🤣

At the appointed #HiveChat time (please check your international time conversion!) you just need to be on twitter.

  • Your #HiveChat Host will post from their account at the appointed time with a striking image and pose an icebreaker question - just tweet your answer in response, and be sure to ALWAYS tag you responses with #hivechat

The 5 Hive Chat questions will be published at 10 minute intervals, for your engagement, retweeting, dropping of relevant Hive Chat posts and, of course, some creative emojis, GIFS and memes. 😆

That's all there is to it.

We're looking for honest engagement and retweetable content that will help not only the discussion to ripple out to people who didn't make it, but will extend the reach and profile of the Hive brand on Twitter.

The #HiveChat Host generally summarizes the #HiveChat responses on Hive, for the wider community to have access to. Yes, your voice and your opinion matters.

Be aware there are lots of lurkers who WATCH #HiveChat and don't tweet - that's great. Yes, we're on show and having our Shareholders Meeting out in the middle of the Town Square, so to speak, where all our prospective customers can see and hear us. It's NOT necessary to be plastic-false-marketing "happy", but please refrain from whining and moaning, and try to phrase your responses and further questions in a constructive "What if...?" "Could we..?" way.

So, now you know. #HiveChat. It's easy, fun and really helps grow the circle of people you know and can potentially engage with on Hive, and on Twitter.

Look forward to welcoming you!

Much gratitude to Hive's twitter #HiveChat pioneers and support team: @jeanlucsr, @stellabelle, @traciyork & @nathanmars. Serious Shout Out to the HiveHustlers who magic up some amazing NFT art & GIFS to make the content pop & offer astounding support!!


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It's a great initiative and one that has really taken off. We spent a lot of time on discord over the years in closed channels, spreading our posts, creating ideas and being productive but nobody outside of our community ever saw it. I think the idea to start bringing this out into the wider world was inspired and hopefully we can do even more of it.

Share more posts. Create more competitions, discuss more ideas. Let outside people see how active we are and what we are building. I'll do my best to spread the word.

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Appreciate the vote of support. Yes, I agree - I tend to think of discord as a noticeboard in a janitors cupboard. Functional, but hardly the place to celebrate community, or to energize anything with new ideas.

Am thinking about ways to use twitter well.

Thanks for stopping by. !ENGAGE 25

love this guide, and the cover image is hilarious!

Glad you approve 😆 We have to skill people up and enable them to move to twitter... and make it all easy. Hoping this post will be useful for a few weeks, at least.

@brittandjosie - I'd appreciate if you could share this to The Terminal.

@riverflows - any chance of a share in NM announcements this afternoon, in case people WANT to come and don't know how. Can you drop this in OCD too??

No point banging on too much about HiveChat on Twitter cos the people over there already know how! 😆

@stellabelle, @yonilkar, @jeanlucsr & @nickyhavey - a reblog on Hive would be more useful than preaching to the choir over on twitter - cos LOTS of the older, established Hive brigade have NO IDEA how to be involved in #HiveChat, and we'd LOVE their opinion. Could I trouble you for a reblog? 😊 TIA.

once @dapplr releases the mobile app for ios, there won't be this issue! i have reblogged this now (late).

My bad. Thought I already reblogged it 😅
Was a little past midnight when I saw this. Consider it done.

I've shared this to my Hive profile now 😉

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You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

I just saw that - MUCH APPRECIATED @nickyhavey!! Thank you!! Soooo many of the long established steem-hive people actually don't know how to engage and be part of it.


and clearly I need to tinker under the hood of my hive.engine acct and top up my engage token balance. LOL. Consider this an IOU. x

sorry i didn't see this earlier! next time....

#HiveChat. It's easy, fun and really helps grow the circle of people you know and can potentially engage with on Hive, and on Twitter.


Thanks for the reblog - I think it's the old timers who have been on steem & hive since before us who maybe simply don't know how. I know I didn't until Traci explained. Appreciated. 😊 #teamwork

I plan to join, but have 2 deadlines - one today and another tomorrow 😊. Consequently, I may just lurk...but my fingers may not....

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Lurking is good.... 😆 You may even be tempted to contribute! LOL. 😆

So much for lurking.... 🤣

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