Feature Update: Auto-Import new Account into Hive Keychain

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Today @keychain released version 1.10 with a new API feature called requestAddAccount which makes it possible to import an account with private keys into Hive Keychain.

See the post here: https://peakd.com/keychain/@keychain/hive-keychain-dhf-week-11

This feature becomes very handy when it comes to onboard new user. I've just added this feature to hiveonboard.com and getting into HIVE has now become even easier than before!

Hive Onboard loves Keychain

SignUp Flow with Hive Keychain

Detect Hive Keychain Plugin

When a user is going to create a new account, we now show up an info-box that will suggest getting the Hive Keychain Plugin before going forward.

Since it's not supported on all browsers and devices right now, we only show it when

  • no mobile browser is detected
  • and a Chromium (Google Chrome / Edge) or Firefox is used.

The download link always takes the user to the appropriate app store for the browser extension, so a Firefox user won't get a link to the Chrome store and vice versa.


Confirm Hive Keychain is working

After the user hit Reload Page, we show him a confirmation that everything is set and we are ready to go.


Auto-Import Account Data

After the user created the account, we will now make use of the new feature of Hive Keychain.


Choose dApp

As before, the new user will presented a collection of dApps and Hive Keychain ready to be used.


I really love to hear your feedback on this update and thanks to the Hive Keychain team to make this possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, you know how to comment! 😀

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Now getting people onboarded is sooooo much easier. Just gotta remind them to save keys, but auto import makes their life so much easier.

I think this is great, it will make it easier on new users, that is always a plus, and it will make me a little less hesitant to becoming a referrer for the Hive Block Chain. I am still waiting on the first HF to see the direction Hive is going to go before adding my alt account to the referrer system.

The work you're doing is making it way easier for new users using our platform and others.

That's a great addition. Anything to make starting out easier for new users is most welcome.

spectacular integration and so fast... from when given notice to the new keychain version to implimentation and post was only a few hours!!

When we meet at Hive fest, first round is on me! Cheers!

Well, that's the spirit! :)

Everyone stop what you are doing and go vote for @roomservice as a witness....right now.

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Unrelated. But how long does it take for someone to get their keys when they signup through Hiveonboard?

Private keys are generated on the client-side, so they never ever leave your device.
Actually you get your private keys right before the account is even created since we only get public keys from the person who signs up and create an account.

So you pretty much get your keys instantly.

What? I am confused xD
Let be ask in another way.
Is there any waiting time for the people when they sign up?

No waiting time - it's an instant signup service.
It takes 1-2 minutes to get an account for average user going through the process.

Cool, thanks for the answer! :D

I am very new here, I don’t know where start😁

Gracias saludos 😊

Hola me puedes donar HP cuando los tenga te los paso es que tuve un problema familiar

Hi. I have a question; I have three Referred Accounts and I can't see two of them as my Referred Accounts. Thank you.

Oh my god, I've been looking for this post for a long time, it's been very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help and inform