Feature Update: Referral Dashboard - Toolbox for Onboarding

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Authored by @roomservice

Dear HIVE Community,
this was an exciting week for HIVE since @peakd released an update in order improve the user experience for people creating a new HIVE account and integrated support for the Open Standard Referral System.

I have to say it is and was a real pleasure to work with both @asgarth and @jarvie - both of them are very awesome guys and we can call us lucky to have them committed to the HIVE ecosystem.

Link: Signup with Hiveonboard, Referral System and @reward.app

Meanwhile me (@roomservice) was pretty busy improving features for people, who like to use the Referral System a lot and are constantly on-boarding new people. This update is for you!

Introducing: Referral Dashboard


You are now able to Login into your HIVE Account using HiveSigner and access your Dashboard.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the referral link can now easily be copied to clipboard with just one click. The main content is divided into 3 tabs: Overview, Referred Accounts and VIP Tickets.

Overview Tab

You can now track easily how many accounts you already have referred to HIVE and see your progress towards to the Referrer Badges which now grant you special perks in order to help you spreading the word.

  • Claim VIP Ticket

A few weeks ago we introduced VIP Tickets which allow to bypass the verification process on @hiveonboard making the account creation process even easier.

Now you are able to claim those tickets by yourself. As a requirement you have to unlock at least the first Referrer Badge which means you referred at least 10 people to HIVE.

After you claimed a VIP Ticket, it will be shown and you can decide to just copy the code, the link or even print the ticket and hand it over to a friend in real life. The QR code contains the link with you as a referrer and the code altogether.

In case you have demand on one or even more VIP Tickets but haven't reached the requirements yet, feel free to reach out to me on Discord roomservice#8215 and I try to help you out.

Claimed VIP Tickets

  • Perks for each Badge

As you bring more and more people to HIVE you and eventually unlock the Epic or Legendary Referrer Badge the cool down for claiming those VIP Tickets will be reduced for each Badge tier your reached.

Referred Accounts Tab


The Referrral Tracker introduced a few weeks before moved into this tab. If you are interested into details, feel free to read this post. The functionality hasn't changed, it's basicly the same as before.

VIP Tickets Tab

As expected you can now keep track of all your VIP Tickets in this table.

  • Click on the ticket icon on each row, details of the specific ticket will be shown.
  • Lookup if one of your tickets has already been consumed.
  • Export the table into CSV or PDF

I really love to hear your feedback on this update. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.



Great updates! Thanks for making onboarding worth the time :)

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Very exciting 😁

Congratulations @hiveonboard! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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Just 👍👍👍

What exactly do the VIP tickets do?

They allow the person who uses the ticket to skip the phone verification process. So it's a little bit easier to create an account than the normal process.

Because of your article I have added these two people to the individuals I am contacting
@asgarth and @jarvie

Brilliant stuff!

Love the added VIP feature and appreciate all the work going into this project.

So important for HIVE going forward!

I'm so happy to see the referral dashboard tools working well. You guys are doing a great job for us your audience. Keep upgrading.
Good morning from Ilorin Nigeria. @hiveonboard

omg, genius! Thanks for doing these improvments.
just one question: why is Hive Keychain not the default log in method?
I use Hive Keychain for everything and find it better and more reliable.

Since about 50% of our user-base use smartphones, I preferred HiveSigner because it works flawless on mobile and doesn't require a browser plugin.

I'am putting Keychain on my Roadmap for an alternative login method - so we can have the best of both worlds.

oh cool, thank you 😃

You're doing amazing work and it's an honor to collaborate with you.

Excellent initiative @hiveonboard!

Great news! Was waiting for this

Wow this is very good news! Keep doing the good work!

I have 40 accounts claimed. Is there a way I could integrate any that into the referral system? I don't even have 40 friends. the claimed accounts are lying around. Basically what I'm asking is for a way to use my claimed accounts as VIP tickets.

You would have to run your own server with creator API running.

This! I wouldn't recommend this unless you have a lot of fun running NodeJS apps on your server - right now we have more than enough tickets available.

I'am happy to provide you with a bunch of VIP Tickets if you like?


I came to you from golos.id ...
On the main page on the right and at the top there is a Strength of the voice ...
The user can always see how strong his power is at the moment ...
So I had a question, why not make the same function here?
It's convenient and comfortable!
Is such a function possible here?
I want to control my power!

Love the improvements

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We do what we can to spread this wonderful work in the midst of those we know and with all available methods, and we confirm in this place that the work with you is very impressive and forward.

Cool. Hopefully we see all the effort start to translate to the on boarding statistics.

Wow... recently the RC went to the roof!

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