Web 3 Gaming Thrives on Hive

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HiveToday #55 - January 29th, 2023

You might know Hive for its blogging features. But the network is also plugged into several web3 games. The Hive protocol’s fast, feeless transactions, human-readable account names, and built-in account recovery are all useful features for gamers.

Splinterlands is arguably the most successful Hive-powered game, and there are several other games playable today, with more incoming. The growth of Web 3 gaming will accelerate thanks to the Invennium platform, announced this week, which turns Splinterlands infrastructure into a product for other games to build on.

Hive Project Updates

  • Actifit Updates: Blog to Hive via Actifit Web. New Markdown Editor Support. Edit Screen Revamp.
  • DLearn: Dev Team Progress Report
  • FreshKings - A clothing brand that loves HIVE.
  • Ecency: Invitation for traders to test advance trading on new HIVE/HBD market app.
  • This week Unkle Bonehead of Defluenced Radio was the first Podcaster ever to launch a live radio station syndicated over the Fediverse, and monetized via the Hive blockchain.
  • RedditPosh - earn Hive and POSH tokens from sharing Hive content links on Reddit.

About Hive Today

Hive Today is an unofficial news zine for the decentralized Hive network. It provides a news digest for the community and helps radiate information about great things happening around Hive.

About Hive

Hive is a decentralized network built on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol. This network is home to a wide variety of decentralized apps (dApps), including social media and games. These apps depend on Hive’s information-sharing capabilities, secure account layer, and fast and feeless blockchain operations.



It is great to see things on hive seeming to be flourshing on what other blockchains would have killed easily