Hive Today - August 14th, 2021 - Hive Keychain Reaches 30K+ WAU

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Hive is alive, and this is Hive Today.

Hive Today is a weekly newsletter for the decentralized Hive network. Hive is a blockchain-based social app platform. This newsletter provides a summary of Hive apps and games development news. Thank you for reading and sharing.


This Week in Hive-Powered dApps, Tribes, & Tokens

Hive powers a growing number of decentralized apps (dApps). Since they all run on the same chain, one Hive account can access every app. Here's a quick summary of the Hive app landscape.

Ecency Mobile App Updates

The @Ecency team announced a mobile app update this week. This update includes several fixes and improvements. In addition, the embedded YouTube video player is enhanced, and a new "update available" notification is added.

Hive Keychain Reaches 30,000 Weekly Active Users

This week, @stoodkev, the Hive Keychain developer, shared some usage stats. The keychain browser extension has 30,000 weekly active users, while the keychain mobile app has 3,500 total active installs. In addition, keychain recently upgraded its Hive libraries similar to other apps, giving it a very noticeable speed boost.

LeoFinance Prepares to Launch LeoFi App in Open Beta

This week the LeoFinance team shared a weekly development update. The update mentions they are making final touches and testing a new LeoFi app. This app is for peer-to-peer leasing LEO Power (staked LEO tokens). LeoFi should soon launch in Open Beta.


This Week in Hive-Powered Games

Hive is home to a growing number of blockchain games. Here's a quick summary of updates for Hive games.

dCity Launches Liquidity Pool Rewards

dCity, Hive's city manager game, has launched a Hive-Engine DIESEL liquidity pool with rewards. Wallets that add liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:SIM pool can earn SIM tokens as rewards. This rewards mechanism is a new feature of Hive-Engine, and many projects (including $PIZZA) have enabled it. To participate, users can add liquidity to the pool by contributing some tokens for both sides of the pair, SWAP.HIVE and SIM.

Splinterlands Moves Battle Operations Off-Chain

Splinterlands, the NFT monster battle game, continues to grow. The rental market has grown to 355,000 card rentals for $30,000 a day in DEC paid by renters.

If you've played Splinterlands this week, you may have noticed a smoother gameplay experience. To address scaling issues, Splinterlands moved battle operations off-chain. However, transactions related to card transfers, rentals, sales, etc., remain on-chain. This change dramatically reduced the total number of daily transactions on the Hive blockchain. Blocktivity reported a 60% decrease.


Upcoming Hive Community Events and Meetups


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Art by @doze

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