Where is HiveToday?

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Hello readers,

HiveToday survives. Or focus is more heavily on Substack and Medium, to grow our off-chain audience. At the moment, HiveToday has 9 subscribers on Substack and 8 subscribers on Medium. By investing our energy in these Web2 platforms, HiveToday seeks to grow the following to triple digits and reach many more people who have never heard of Hive.

You can find us here:

Thank you for your ongoing support.


I got the notification that you unfollowed me. That's doesnt the matter. I love you and HIVE so much.

It is nothing personal. Returned to 0 following. Thank you! ❤️

I dont know why I also got a notification here, but like you said. Still Survive to love #hive.

Survive and must survive, that's our hope for hive users as social media. Hive was built by dedicated people and we will do our best to keep it that way. One of them is actively joining hive social media. Although not sporadic, but trying in a small capacity is my effort. Thank you for your information @hivetoday. Blessing

Waiting for your latest info bout Hive soon dude! The main point is bout prediction of HIVE price.

You're on your own there! What is your prediction?

I have noticed you, that you will never following me, thank you very much, but remember I will never stop following you, I love HIVE TODAY Very much

I'm reblogging this so we can get the word out.

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