Resources For New Hivers

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Below is some compiled reference information for new hivers and folks who are using my HiveOnboard referral link to create their first Hive account.

Welcome to Hive!

To get started, please make a self-introduction post using the #introduceyourself tag/topic. Leave a comment to say hello and drop with a link to your post. Once I know you are alive I will delegate you some HP to allow you to do more transactions. And I'm happy to answer any questions you have!

General questions and answers

Q: My feed is empty, who should I follow?

A: A great place to start is following these accounts which post daily: @jongolson, @taskmaster4450, @tarazkp, @papa-pepper, @penguinpablo, @juliakponsford

For important Hive news and changes follow @hiveio

Here are some other recommended Hivers to follow:
@v4vapid, @jaynie, @theycallmedan, @aggroed, @naturalmedicine

If you are interested in music on Hive, it's recommended to follow these accounts:
@steevc, @dreamrafa, @nickyhavey, @aleister, @lk666, @bakingjazzpower

Useful Hive Tools and Resources

Find the Hive blockchain community on Web2.0 platforms:


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Good to see that you are onboarding new users and also delegating them hive to get started! :)

The HiveOnboard system is great. If someone uses my referral link I receive a wallet notification with their username.

this is really good, thanks for writing it! re-blogged! Also, adding it to Hive Beginner Tips Community.

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