Hive core dev meeting #32

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First meeting of 2022! Happy new year to all :)

Dev sync

As per usual, listen to that one.

Instant withdrawals

There was a bunch of discussions around how we would do that. I feel like I will probably champion this as part of a hf27 change. The main thing we discussed was how to enable instant withdrawals while still keeping accounts secure.

Additional vop to be published to get vests to hive value every x blocks (eg 1m)

This will probably be done via a HAF app, with an optional compile flag on hived to enable or disable the vop on your own node. (setup the custom hived node and then sync HAF, then you can set HAF to just listen to a regular node and it'll log the ratio for every bloc)

recurrent transfers on hivemind to enable membership-based communities

A bunch of discussions there, basically, I'll wait a few days for some HAF work to be done and then I'll implement it as a HAF based app and then update hivemind to listen to it.

HF26 Devnets and Testnet talks

We had a bunch of talks there on how we would setup testnets for hard fork 26. @blocktrades estimates that an actual feature complete testnet wouldn't be there until early february as a bunch of feature are still being polished. I wanted to create a short lived testnet to allow front ends devs like @asgarth to play with it and give me feedback on the apis. But turns out we aren't too far off from benefitting from the "mirror chain" feature, where you can easily setup a testnet to be like the main-net (which would be much better for playing with RC, since then RC costs would be similar to the reality). But the feature is not fully ready yet, I will sync with @gtg to make that a reality.

Overall it's looking good :)


It seems to me that the 13-week powerdown period has contributed (in part or significantly) to the formation of this community. And we always say that the community is the most important thing we have. It's not a coincidence that we have a strong community here that other places don't have. They get in and get out whenever they want, no commitment. Here we have commitment. When I explain Hive to people, I tell them that the owners of the network have to lock their funds for 13 weeks, and this is how the network incentivizes longer-term thinking for the benefit of the whole place, and this makes sense to them. Participating in governance and being able to withdraw at any point in time? I don't think it makes sense. Probably will degrade the community.

How would we benefit from instant withdrawals? Isn't it far more juicy for investors if they can put HBD in savings and get a pretty good APR on a stablecoin, than to put funds in a volatile currency? And would we not want to advertise the latter as the main investment opportunity here since we want stability rather than pumps and dumps?

It's better explained by @theycallmedan but there would be a commitment because you can't instant withdraw without a cost.

We would benefit from a x% (say 5%) burn of the funds a a "fee". This would allow us to bridge between investors who are afraid of buying hive because they have to lock it up if they don't want to lose out on the inflation and people who are investing "long term".

I know a lot of people who would invest in hive but are afraid of the 13 week power down. I think the community was built mostly because hive is, by nature, very social, where other chains don't have that much talking going on, and instant withdrawals wouldn't hurt that much.

Looking forward to all those changes. And let me know as soon as we can start working on a testnet ;)

Instant withdrawal will be a good feature. And, if implemented it will boost the price of HIVE.

Instant withdrawal will be a great one here I must say

yay, great to hear and thanks so much!

It's a shambles that when you ensure more security it further consolidates confidence.

I hope that the meeting of the developers was successful and they agreed among themselves to take new steps for the benefit of our rapidly developing wonderful project.