thank you bro for this
I am looking forward to the hive wallet to be up and for some exchange listings

PeakD is working great! Been testing some of the functions.

peakd works great is not functioning properly yet but using peakd your could access your wallet and everything.

Yes peakd is working great!

I feel the same as in-game Don't Starve Together.
Firstly days are different to enjoy. A lot of things are bugged and I know that devs work hard to fix and improve Hive. We have to build a new, better place than Steem.
For better tomorrow and growth Hive!

How rad is it to be here day one?? Haven't been so proud of the community since ....


it rose up out of the ashes of apathy and smashed the proxy witnesses. So yeah like a week ago. I digress.

Seeing most of my favorite creators and active users making the jump and can't wait to be a part of the music community I'm watching onboard en masse!

Thank You! Happy to be here!!

Hello my friends :)

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Happy to be here. Looking forward to seeing what the folks behind the curtain have up their sleeves once everything settles down a bit.

I am right here. Thank you

Hi, thanks for the welcome. Cheers 😎 😘 🍻

Hi. ☺️. Do you happen to know Hive's chat support?

I like Hive.. and we all make it go big 🦊👌👌👌👌🦊

Hey @innerhive, can you please tell me why the latest @naturalmedicine post was downvoted so drastically? I thought it perfomed quite the service in warning people about plagiarism on HIVE. Be great to be told what went wrong here. Thanks - @riverflows (riverflows#4591)