Hive Ain't Steem!

in #hivelast year

In late 2016 or early 2017, I wrote this:

Some of it was wrong, but the majority was correct.

Here's what I got wrong: companies can help blockchains, and mutual flourishing can happen. We've now seen that happen in several cases.

The relationship between Steem and Stinc wasn't a helping relationship, stinc was a parasite on steem.

Now, I think it's possible for Hive to grow into what steem always should have been. There's no company to extract largely unearned value from the blockchain anymore.

I wasn't a huge fan of blocking sun supporters accounts on hive instead of just getting rid of the stinc stake.

But that's just a detail.

Hive can grow and attract users without merely functioning as a value siphon for steemit, inc. The new logo and color scheme are gorgeous.

I'm on a slack for discussing Hive. By the level of argument there, it's quite clear to me that no one is in charge. This is messy, beautiful, and exactly as it should be!

Steem has been freed by everyone who worked so hard on Hive for the last month-ish.

Here's what that means to me

  • The user base can grow far beyond what steem's was. New users no longer subsidize stinc with their content, thoughts and ideas.
  • Price can grow unrestricted, because when price rises occur, the market doesn't need to worry about a "stinc dump"
  • No one will ever again sell this platform. It is free.
  • Freedom of speech is strengthened by the hard work of the witnesses

I was asked earlier today what my plans for Hive were.

Well, for now, I'd like to write a bit. Writing is a pretty healthy practice, and I'd like to get an article out each day.

Lastly, I'd like to thank @birdinc for pulling me into the Hive. I'd completely given up on steem due to the big stinc in the room.

Thanks so much to everyone who worked to make hive possible in the last month!