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@birdinc is a top-class professional.

@justineh kicked him and I out of Slack. Him because... I don't know why. Me because I know him.

We both wanted to contribute to Hive.

We both had concerns about the exclusion list.

We were both excluded from slack.

@lordbutterfly has a point about $500/day.

Blurt holds public daily standups, and does all project comms except security matters in discord publicly. We won't exclude you from our chat unless you make personal attacks on our community members.

We wish the Hive blockchain and community great success, as a single network will never scale to the size that's needed to effectively compete with Facebook and centralized social media. Keep Buzzing, Hive.


It was my understanding that birdinc was removed from the Hive slack because of his name being attached to a relaunched Steem witness, running the silly display-support-for-Justin 0.22.5 version. I just talked to him and he didn't know that.

I'm always a fan of facts. Thanks.

I have no ability to kick from slack. Good luck with Burp.

Ah I wasn't aware of that. Guess someone else did, then.

Thanks. It's Blurt BTW.

Which Slack Server?