Spreading out upvotes

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How decentralized is #hive ?

I stumbled over a good article of @jaki01. I can not agree more. We have to make sure to further decentralize our chain after the move. This will only succeed if we do it very soon while we still have momentum.

His suggestions:

  • Vote little witnesses
  • Manually upvote small posts (< 10 hive)
  • Downvote big posts (> 100 hive)
  • Reduce witness votes per account

I think the last point has top priority to be addressed ASAP to prevent cartels and exchanges taking over #hive once again.

Why and how should we reduce witness votes per account ?

As you can currently vote for 30 witnesses the big whales can basically decide on all 30 witnesses on their own. This encourages cartel like deals where the top holders split up the pot between each other.

In #ark each account can only vote for one witness. The last few years have proven that this approach to #dpos drastically reduces cartel creation and helps decentralization. It prevents all behind the back deals of the kind "I vote you so you vote me" as it is simply not possible to form such circles. Each coin can only vote for one single witness.

It might be a bit too drastic to change #hive to a 1 coin = 1 vote system as of now but it would sure help decentralization. Some simple to implement middle ground would be to reduce the witness votes per account to 5 or lower.

Maybe the best way would be to implement that each vote only counts the HP divided by amount of votes. This would still allow for the same voting experience but would eliminate the cartel possibilities drastically.

What will I do for now ?

  • I am always manually upvoting and downvoting individual posts
  • I will try spread out my witness votes even more
  • I will downvote trending posts above 100 if i stumble over them

Get in touch with me in some way and I will check if i want to include your posts into my daily reading.


I suspect that nobody needs us here - only people who have been writing for 3 years and vote for each other vote here - here's an example for you: This is my post https://peakd.com/hive/@russia-btc/my-first-experience-buying-hive-on-ionomy, he scored 0.20 and then only because I voted for myself
And these are 2 other people's posts - see how much they got



There is no fair distribution of funds - if this continues, the project is doomed!

I hope Hive-ians are open minded when it comes to downvotes and shouldn't take it personally and rather take it objectively.

I'm confused boss

"I think the last point has top priority to be addressed ASAP to prevent cartels and exchanges taking over #hive once again."

100% agree.

Thanks for encouraging further decentralization! because now is the time to plant the seed and send the message.

Under the current system I believe we need a larger spread or distribution of tokens to improve decentralization. We can get started on this through the actions you pointed out above in your first 3 suggestions. But why would behavior change now.. Which leads me to believe a more progressive approach is needed, in exploring options such as limiting number of witness votes.

There's an opportunity now to make something really really great but I think it means some of the witnesses stepping out of their comfort zone.

I'm still trying to figure out why you downvoted my Splinterlands post. You did not like that I pulled a Prince Juilan? LOL!

I am voting up or down depending on my judgement of the post and its reward. I will downvote if I think it is too much rewards. Simple.

Gute Idee - mach ich dann mal, die kleinen und so.