Hive Engine is running smooth again

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Hi all,

as written about in the last weeks somewhen, there were strange things going on around the Hive-Engine, if it really was an attack or just some very strange and bad written statements is not really clear, for me it had the flavor of seeming like an attack, it changed IPs and also the kind of how the attack was executed.

But being this as it may, all witnesses have fought back, some blocked ports others upped their game in load balancing or rate limiting. In the end, it worked out and we have, since quite a few days, a stable Hive Engine again, something to rely on and to make business with.

Thanks a lot to all who played crucial parts in averting a crisis, strong reaction from all witnesses, proud to be part of the team!




gut, dass die Hive-Engine wieder funktioniert :)

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