Witness Issues and Vacations

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Hi all,

Good things first

My Hive Engine Witness is running again smoothly and obviously, all the updates and stuff are paying off now. One thing less to care about :)

And also I am currently having a vacation trip to the canary islands which I would think also qualifies for the "good" section of this post. The weather is absolutely fantastic and with all the service around this is a perfect spot to just chill.

And the bad

Well, I started off with the good things, there must be some bad as well else this whole thing would not make any sense.
Upgrading my Hive Witness was a bit of a pain, HF26 left me with almost no blocks and now the "easy" update to HF27 somehow made me replay my DB, even if others told me that is unnecessary.
So, I started this process yesterday and am currently at 72% completed.
Since this might take a while I disabled my witness just to keep things clean.

I will enable it again once the replay is finished and it caught up.

Some shots of my vacation so far

palms and the sea, just beautiful

Flintstones TV



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Wish u a great Vacation Time and all the best for your replay!