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RE: NEW Microblogging Platform is Launching Soon #HIVE

in #hive2 years ago

You are aware of other similar microblog platforms like @strimipl that had problems with the rest because of tags/categories? They had to add prefixes in order to avoid spamming regular post tags... But it also cut their microblog content out from the rest of the steem users


On HTTPS:// tags are generally not used as the website is mainly organized around communities.

If @peakd, other front-ends or even Hive.Blog has an issue with the tags of our DAPP affecting their user experience, they can always adjust their websites accordingly.

It wouldn't make sense to completely destroy a promising DAPP simply because of the current state of existing front-ends.

And as @theycallmedan said in this comment section, most of today's content is short form content.

All in all, I will certainly try out your dapp, take care and keep us posted

Thank you @jocieprosza we will 😊👍