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RE: NEW Microblogging Platform is Launching Soon #HIVE

in #hive2 years ago

This is a great asset the chain was needing and longing. I'm really happy to see this one because I Tweet a lot. I have one question. How would you prevent spam on the chain using your app? I'm all in with the idea but maybe users may be limited to post a certain number of times in order to avoid spam? That's a little dart I'm throwing there but all in good faith. I so like this idea. Cheers!


This is an excellent question @jonsnow1983..

But I think for the most part, we should leave this to the experts who focus on curation and abuse like @ocdb, @hivewatchers, @spaminator, @guityparties among others.

I would like them to help us figure out how we can prevent abuse in a way that satisfies the community + their standards.

And I believe this should happen since IMO:

the HIVE blockchain is build for social DAPPs, not just blogging websites.