Im fighting assholes alone - ways to help me!

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I have been on STEEM/HIVE since the day one.

Now we have some newbies abusing the system or people who made free money using paid voting bots.

No matter what, im the hero who will help.

If you want to support my cause of fighting milkers (ie top witnesses who post daily) or abusers (who make blog circles of votes) - delegate some power to me or follow my votes on

You can also send me some of the free tokens you have on


You are no hero, and anyone who support you is an idiot.

Your greedy ass has cash out more than 500K tokens over the course of your leeching.

You got banned by @crimsonclad from MSP because you were a greedy ass stealing free votes for minnows and redfish.

You were flagged when you started reposting shit to milk your autovotes. Not just one account, but multiple accounts found by @themarkymark.

You are a spineless asshat who only dared to flag minnows on flag trails to intimidate them off your sorry ass.

You post bullshit like the 2-year old interview with @xinxi. And guess what? He doesn’t even remember you.

You milk the free delegations from @lafona, who is a dead witness, and free votes from @steempty for you and your alts. It’s absolutely hilarious The Alliance were bought out by a 1400 HP delegation to vote for your trash.

What did you do during the hostile takeover? You voted for Justin Sun’s witnesses.

You ask people to click on unsecured links just so you could get some referral rewards.

That’s how irrelevant you and your fake 30K followers are. You can go to hell for all I care.


You pretty much said it all.

I have nothing to add.

Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.

If you want to support my cause of fighting milkers

So as a well-established milker, you intend on fighting yourself?!


You will always have my support. Keep fighting the good fight. Flagged <3

Be Honest For Once in Your Life...
That’s What you really Meant... Right?!?

Look at you begging for people to send you Hive-Engine tokens...

You can also send me some of the free tokens you have on


"Pot, meet kettle."

amirite? 😆🤣

So did you create those 30k accounts all at once or did you do it slowly, over the course of 4 years (because you have no life)

What have you done?

Suck Justin's dick. Isn't that enough?

Just a sign that you have no supporters... wait you got 30k I forgot...