The Liberation of our Communtiy - aka The Miracle of Hive!

in #hive4 years ago

I am serious when I say miracle, think about what it is we as a community have accomplished here - it's fricken miracle!

I am not talking about all the insanity that lead us to the precipice of destruction, I'm talking about the communities resolution to not allow centralisation or censorship take place in our home - that was it the final straw that aligned us all, even if that meant we all had to move and leave our homes of many years to escape it.

We staged a mass exodus and since that moment I've felt an immense sense of pride, we put aside all our petty squabbles and realised if we wanted to continue on in any fashion close to what we'd known and loved - it was time to move on and the best part is, we did it together.

There's no third chain split, or active flag wars - or talks of old grievances, if anything I want to thank our former vicious overlord for making us stronger and more united than ever!

Not only the top 20 consensus witnesses, but most if not all (besides the shills that were willing to sell out for the position) - but what also appears as the sheer majority of the community came as well, all with only a few days notice <3

This is a truly incredible feat!

Now I have to say, up until the censorship I was still thinking things could be salvaged - but now with the value of hindsight I am inspired and excited to see where our new journey will take us, I have been revitalised and incentivised to re-immerse myself in our new chain Hive.

I have hardly slept in weeks, but I find myself writing this post at almost 7 am after pulling yet another all nighter - going over twitter, checking out what's been happening in the many discords and finding new and old friends as they arrive on Hive.

I haven't felt this way in years on steem, so I am thrilled to have this new burst of energy and inspiration and I really can't wait to get more posts out on the hive blockchain.

I feel like this is just the beginning to a truly fantastic time on hive..

For fuck sake we just got listed on bittrex!

Both Hive and HBD, this is fucking brilliant news - I mean steem never managed to get SBD's listed there, so we're already doing better if you think about it.

We have a fresh start here, some truly unparalleled media attention and if we play our cards right we will get Hive to the epic levels steem were once at - I truly think this could be exactly what we as a community needed to get things back on track.

If we as a community can keep the twitter campaigns going, the results could be truly breathtaking and I am super excited to see how it all plays out.

Before I finish up I have a question for our awesome community at large... wtf are we going to call ourselves?

I've seen a few Hivers, Hiveies, not sure what people are feeling - I even tried Hiveian but it just felt a little weird, then Hivelians, Hivenators, colonisers, the colony, what will we call ourselves or are we planning on not sticking with a single word were focused on like we did with steem?

Hive is alive, long live Hive!


Next stop, Coinbase!

It is cool that you feel inspired by this new blockchain! ;)

Maybe Hivees, I don't know. But you're right all this is fucking awesome ;)

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