depression is more curse than corona virus

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Mental depression regarding corona virus


Corona virus which was spreaded from china now in more then 198 countries death toll rising day by day , USA is now new home of corona virus ,international and domestic flights stay mostly in new york , so the new york is big city for traders ,
corona was first case in last 2019 in china , china tried to hide that data and sudden they locked down wuhan.
according to WHO people who have other illness , diabetes , any lung issue , asthma are not to survive with this virus.
This virus spread through exhale , When a person exhale he likely to infect more people who are new to him ,
This is not necessary to sneeze or cough to inflect others.
There are in USA mostly very educated people, They are not careless , Usa has a best medical facility , doctors many Americans are using gloves and mask but still the virus is spreading so high,
Because paper money of usa which is called Dollar is moved internationally every where so the big problem in USA is paper money , WE have to ban paper money and start digital currency buying and selling in all markets so if you are using paper money wash your hands after using it.

Some Tips

Some tips comes to my mind to safe you and your family from corona,
1 frequently wash your hands
2 use anti bactarial soap
3 wash hand after use paper money
4 use Mask specially N95 mask
5 wash hand if you buy something from outside
6 Heat your meal in oven so if there is any virus it will be killed in this heating process
7 sit in sun rays for at least 30 minute a day
8 keep calm and do some yoga
9 you need to boost your immunity take health rich food specialty dry fruits
10 avoid going to hospitals because this virus can stay on stairs , lifts and spread by touching elements around.
But mental depression is very huge now a day , people who depressed are feel anxiety and panic attack, To avoid mental depression every one need to avoid to see news all the time, If you already ill then stay at home. Do yoga and other mind relaxing techniques like reiki.
One of my friend come to my house he was having cough so he thought that he has corona virus and his breath was shortner , so i figure out that he is in depression and fear to loss his life , because every one has its own family and do not want to die so early. so i give him some reiki music links which help him to get relaxed.